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Release Notes for v5.1.0 (511060) - Second Life Viewer

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on December 01, 2017.

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Release Notes


This release rebuilds the viewer using 64bit address space. It is our hope that this will improve viewer stability, allow you to use more of the memory in your system (if you have more than 4GB), and possibly also improve performance. This latest update includes improvements and bugfixes to address image handling crashes (thanks to Kitty Barnett for her contribution) and installer / updater weirdness.


There are now separate 32-bit and 64-bit builds for Windows.

  • If you use an HD 2000 or 3000 series video card on Windows 10, choose 32 bit
  • Otherwise, choose the one that matches your copy of Windows

If your computer can run 64bit, and most can, you will get better performance and fewer crashes running a 64 bit Windows and Viewer. If you chose the wrong one, the viewer will upgrade you again the first time you run it to the correct one (if you think it made the wrong choice, please file a bug in jira). This build further refines the determination of what is "the best" platform for your system.


The Mac build does not support 32-bit Macs (this is permanent, and not really a change since it's been some time since we supported OS X versions that would still run on a 32-bit system).

  • This build shows two icons on the Dock when running. The first one is a new launcher/monitor process (SL_Launcher) that checks for updates; the second is the viewer itself, but both are labelled "Second Life Viewer". If you are going to pin the icon on the Dock, pin the first one or you'll get a warning each time you launch. We hope/plan to get this sorted out so that only one shows.
  • Video media (QuickTime) usually does not play (the media handling is now the same as the Windows viewer).
  • The volume of web based media (e.g. YouTube) doesn't change based on your distance from the source.


There is no Linux viewer yet. We hope to begin work on addressing this with the community after the release of the Mac and Windows versions.

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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-4532 [Win10] Windows 10 improperly displays as Windows 8.1
  • MAINT-4744 Update Mac viewer to libc++ instead of libstdc++
  • MAINT-5365 Windows viewer uninstall icon is system default not SL logo
  • MAINT-6116 On CEF viewers, the console window that opens on top of the world view should be hidden.
  • MAINT-6379 Remove support for RC4 from Mac internal browser
  • MAINT-6925 [VMP] Viewer infected
  • MAINT-6926 [VMP] Launcher throws exception when it can't create a log file.
  • MAINT-6928 [VMP] Viewer doesn't start on macOS with Python 2.6.6
  • MAINT-6950 [Windows] Shared media a great distance away (different region even) sometimes plays at maximum volume when entering a region or moving camera slightly.
  • MAINT-6995 [Project Alex Ivy] Changing login location at the login screen crashes the viewer
  • MAINT-6996 [Project Alex Ivy] Viewer memory use is reported incorrectly once memory use goes over ~ 4GB
  • MAINT-6997 [Project Alex Ivy] Persistant crash just after login right after "Making dummy class LLPanel named "gallery_panel" in outfit_gallery_tab"
  • MAINT-6998 [Project Alex Ivy] 64bit viewer installs to Program Files (x86) by default.
  • MAINT-7027 Mac 64bit viewer code signing failed
  • MAINT-7038 [64 bit] mac viewer sends wrong info to updater service
  • MAINT-7044 64bit viewer always runs with console window in Win OS
  • MAINT-7045 Calculate weights & fee button grayed out in Upload Model floater on OS X
  • MAINT-7046 Call stacks not available for 'Project Alex Ivy viewer' crash
  • MAINT-7047 No information about 32bit or 64bit version of 'Project Alex Ivy' viewer in non-English locales
  • MAINT-7054 [Project Alex Ivy] Viewer Crashed when I used Japanese IM.
  • MAINT-7071 [Project Alex Ivy] Viewer often crashes when editing far away objects
  • MAINT-7080 [Project Alex Ivy] World view tinted blue when ALM is disabled after update to Nvidia driver 378.49 on any 64bit viewer
  • MAINT-7081 [Project Alex Ivy] Viewer frequently crashes after "WARNING: #TextureLLTextureFetchWorker::doWork: Partial HTTP response produces break in image data for texture 8b84af08-bdd9-03a0-9d3d-4d2e320fc2bf. Aborting load."
  • MAINT-7129 [Project Alex Ivy][MAC] Materials and ALM shaders broken in Mac viewer
  • MAINT-7130 [Project Alex Ivy] Viewer- Shows Extra debug Info in Licenses Tab of About Second Life floater.
  • MAINT-7131 [Alex Ivy] Unable to start the x64 Viewer on Windows 8.1 x64
  • MAINT-7177 [Alex Ivy] crash on exit
  • MAINT-7192 Put platform fetch logic into VMP
  • MAINT-7201 [Project Alex Ivy] Can't change an avatar via "Avatar" window on the left toolbar
  • MAINT-7202 [Project Alex Ivy]Unable to use Login page web content destinations to log to it.
  • MAINT-7203 [Project Alex Ivy]Viewer does not connect to the Facebook
  • MAINT-7220 [Project Alex Ivy] Windows Error Message 'SLPlugin.exe has stopped working ' appears.
  • MAINT-7222 [Project Alex Ivy] 32bit Installer filename should include "x86" and the 64bit Installer filename should not.
  • MAINT-7227 [Project Alex Ivy] Drop down lists do not close after use in internal web browser
  • MAINT-7230 [Project Alex Ivy] internal browser loads jira then asks for password
  • MAINT-7236 [Alex Ivy] Web content does not always respect UI Size preference
  • MAINT-7242 Update viewer64 to KDU 7.9.1
  • MAINT-7278 [VMP] Unable to update Second Life Project Alex Ivy (64bit)
  • MAINT-7279 [VMP] Windows viewer icon is without SL logo
  • MAINT-7282 [VMP] needs to install the requests module if needed on POSIX systems
  • MAINT-7294 [VMP] needs to read the filename from summary.json, not the directory name, on Windows.
  • MAINT-7312 [Project Alex Ivy] External web links opened in profile window
  • MAINT-7348 Viewer never starts on Mac (
  • MAINT-7352 [Project Alex Ivy] Viewer hangs in benchmarking for Intel HD & Intel HD 4000 cards on Win10 64bit
  • MAINT-7360 Investigate removal of MSVCR100.DLL and MSVCP100.DLL
  • MAINT-7366 Unable to mute or change volume of youtube sounds Media on a prim - YouTube
  • MAINT-7430 [VMP] Viewer attempts to contact VVM over https, but test VVM is returning a 404
  • MAINT-7442 [VMP] "Check for Updates" item in the Help menu does not work
  • MAINT-7474 [VVM] Saving edits on returns MultiValueDictKeyError
  • MAINT-7475 [VVM] Cannot add a New tip viewer
  • MAINT-7505 [VMP] viewer will not start. llbase folder is empty.
  • MAINT-7506 [VMP] build 506624 does not launch on Windows, AttributeError: 'SimpleRESTService' object has no attribute 'set_cert_authorities'
  • MAINT-7513 [VMP] 32bit installer and viewer runs after clicking desktop icon
  • MAINT-7514 [VMP] after a 32bit viewer is automatically downloaded and installed, the installer claims that version is already installed.
  • MAINT-7515 [VMP] VMP Windows viewer has blank white desktop icon
  • MAINT-7529 [VMP] Viewer should auto-start after update
  • MAINT-7531 [Project Alex Ivy][Mac] Second comment with text "Write a comment..." appears, when user post comment to Profile Feed
  • MAINT-7539 [VMP] SL_Launcher failed to start on win7 32bit it already has a 32 bit viewer.
  • MAINT-7542 [VMP] 'Optional Update' window is shown the version of an already installed viewer
  • MAINT-7550 [VMP] Mac updater should copy files to a new App / folder based on the build type of the viewer being installed.
  • MAINT-7555 [VMP] SL_Launcher.exe processes stay running after quitting the viewer.
  • MAINT-7557 [VMP] Repeatedly prompted to download a new version of Alex Ivy RC
  • MAINT-7558 [VMP] SL_Launcher.exe downloads 32bit based only on Intel HD though 64bit capable Nvidia GPU also present
  • MAINT-7569 [Alex Ivy] Prompt to run the viewer after an update
  • MAINT-7579 [VMP] 32bit to 64bit upgrade on 64bit OS fails with a python error
  • MAINT-7592 Update ToS agreement text
  • MAINT-7597 [VMP] Downloaded target viewer doesn't start automatically performing UPDATER TESTING Part III for OSX for Second Life Test Coyot VMP (64bit)
  • MAINT-7605 [VMP] Mac source viewer starts after user elects to install optional target viewer.
  • MAINT-7620 Downloaded target viewer doesn't overwrite source viewer performing UPDATER TESTING Part III for OSX for Second Life Release (64bit)
  • MAINT-7639 [VMP] Run the 64-bit viewer for Intel HD cards on Win 7, 8, and 8.1 64-bit
  • MAINT-7640 [Alex Ivy] When login is blocked due to required update, the viewer must notify the user
  • MAINT-7641 Detect when the viewer is launched directly and warn the user
  • MAINT-7654 [Project Alex Ivy] [OSX] Japanese can't input in CEF
  • MAINT-7658 [VMP] Win32_VideoController query returned = -2146959355
  • MAINT-7661 [VMP] Windows source viewer starts after user elects to install optional target viewer in the same channel.
  • MAINT-7664 [VMP] Error message is cut off in the tk Second Life Installer window
  • MAINT-7681 Refactor VMP to make all Tk operations asynchronous
  • MAINT-7684 [VMP] Eliminate extra Windows VMP executables
  • MAINT-7692 Alex Ivy 64bit viewer does not start on Win8.1 64bit + Intel HD 2000
  • MAINT-7742 Mac SL_Launcher should invoke the new .app, not its embedded viewer
  • MAINT-7747 [VMP] Release Testing Part I reports Launching new channel viewer, should be Launching current channel viewer.
  • MAINT-7748 NSIS installer leaves a "nsis.winstall" file after intalling a viewer.
  • MAINT-7749 [VMP] Mac needs an progress window for Mandatory update.
  • MAINT-7769 [VMP] 32-bit to 64-bit update fails on Win10 64-bit with [Error 22] Invalid argument
  • MAINT-7770 [VMP] 64-bit to 32-bit update on 32-bit OS attempts to run the 64-bit viewer in Part II of Release test
  • MAINT-7771 [VMP] Alex Ivy did a mandatory update from to while preferences were set to manual updates
  • MAINT-7772 Viewer manual update preference should be more descriptive.
  • MAINT-7777 [VMP] Mac viewer did not automatically launch after mandatory update from to
  • MAINT-7787 [Alex Ivy] RC Viewers in 5.1.0 range show black background for CONTENT_TYPE_HTML
  • MAINT-7809 [VMP] SL_Launcher icon should be branded.
  • MAINT-7812 After installing 64 bit version of viewer build build 508618, file called nsis.winstall is created on Windows desktop
  • MAINT-7813 3D rendering broken on Windows in build 508618. 3D rendering starts before 2D login screen is cleared.
  • MAINT-7814 [VMP] Clarify logging when viewer requesting update is newer than tip and no update required
  • MAINT-7827 [Alex Ivy] unknown number of login and region access errors are doubled; first error being generic, second being accurate
  • MAINT-7831 [VMP] Optional update to different Target channel on Win10 displays [Errno 22] (was "bails with a python error")
  • MAINT-7832 [VMP] Optional update to different Target channel on Win7 64-bit triggered a mandatory update on next run
  • MAINT-7833 [VMP] Optional update to different Target channel on Win7 32-bit triggered a mandatory update.
  • MAINT-7836 [VMP] 32-bit viewer on 32-bit Windows is download 64-bit viewer
  • MAINT-7837 [VMP][Mac]Viewer update service inappropriate behavior
  • MAINT-7911 [VMP] Update for the (32 bit) build is constantly required, since the platform is written as 'win3232'
  • MAINT-7916 [VMP] Does not start the update with the required start command line
  • MAINT-7941 [VMP] Do not download optional viewers when user has selected Mandatory Updates Only
  • MAINT-7946 [VMP] upgrade for build fails with a python error
  • MAINT-7951 launch_as_child no longer appears in SL_Launcher.log
  • MAINT-7969 [VMP] --channel should be added to the set of viewer parameters the VMP cares about.
  • MAINT-7975 [VMP] query to VVM says testok when "Willing to update to release candidates" is unchecked.
  • SL-323 [VMP] Move update checking, download, and installation to the Viewer Manager Process
  • SL-617 [VMP] SL_Launcher should not exit until the viewer does
  • SL-619 Incorporate support for 64bit symbol dumps into the 64bit build process
  • SL-620 Upgrade KDU to version v7_9
  • SL-640 Fix keyboard code in macOS 64 bit CEF media plugin
  • SL-641 Update CEF -> cef-bin -> Dullahan -> p64_3p-Dullahan -> media_plugin_cef.cpp to "latest" version
  • SL-643 still tried to copy the CEF file wow_helper.exe but it's no longer present
  • SL-644 Add a guard to mCount in llrender.cpp
  • SL-646 Fix ”LINK : warning LNK4075: ignoring '/INCREMENTAL' due to '/LTCG' specification” in LibVLC, JPEGLIB etc.
  • SL-648 Extraneous compiler options output when building on Windows
  • SL-649 Messages on macOS 64 version about libraries built for earlier version of macOS
  • SL-653 Remove unused third party packages from autobuild
  • SL-656 CEF Helper app ( shows icon in dock on macOS
  • SL-658 Use build settings from viewer-build-variables repo for p64_3p-dullahan
  • SL-671 [VMP] Windows task bar icon is the Viewer, not the Viewer Manager or is sometimes not present at all.
  • SL-702 Viewer Manager should be easily usable by TPVs
  • SL-738 [VVM] Unable to load Channel page of Updater with 500 error
  • SL-739 [VMP] If the system can run the 64bit viewer, it must run the 64bit viewer
  • SL-740 [VVM] Add cohort page does not display fields *sometimes*
  • SL-741 [VVM] Creating a new cohort returns a 500
  • SL-746 [VMP] Uninstaller leaves SL_Launcher.exe entries in registry
  • SL-764 Make Python llbase module compatible with both Python 2.7 and Python 3