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Release Notes for v5.1.1 (512121) - Second Life Viewer

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on January 26, 2018.

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Release Notes

  • Adds support for a higher quality voice using SLVoice version 4.9
  • Fixes the apparent position of the speaker in nearby voice
  • Improves retry behavior when there are problems connecting or during temporary connection problems
  • Logs more detailed information to the Lab for quantifying connection issues
  • Improves security of the communication between the viewer and SLVoice
  • Unrelated to voice, improves the validation of TLS certificates (security improvement)


  • local teleports will cause a short (a few seconds) voice interruption because the viewer now detaches from voice a little earlier in the teleport sequence.
  • With some SLVoice changes, the SLVoice executable can be copied into another viewer - that will not work with this one. There are changes to the connection between the viewer and SLVoice that are required. Talking to any viewer version should work.
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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-3559 The viewer sometimes fails to detect SSL cert issues from the login host
  • MAINT-4762 Validate SSL certificate before sending login data
  • MAINT-7239 Vivox RC viewer fails validating SSL certificate for
  • MAINT-8197 Crashes in gpu_benchmark()
  • MAINT-8217 Message "You are muted by the moderator" does not show the muted user
  • SL-429 Update the Certificate Authorities used by the Viewer
  • VOICE-35 check that Vivox crash logging is enabled
  • VOICE-43 [vivox] mac viewer right voice channel significantly weaker than left
  • VOICE-44 Voice "Listen from Avatar position" stereo sound is correct only when facing East
  • VOICE-46 Voice: Viewer gives up connecting to voice services after 5 seconds
  • VOICE-47 [VOICE] teleporting while others are speaking sends loud audio blast
  • VOICE-5 Record voice failures in SLVoice
  • VOICE-51 [win] vivox voice connection fails intermittently with error 514 in VivoxVoiceService{date}.log
  • VOICE-53 Vivox voice connection may timeout when voice fonts are loaded