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Release Notes for v5.1.7 (517973) - Second Life Viewer

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on July 30, 2018.

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Release Notes


Maintenance: Quinquina

Quinquina, an aromatised wine, is a variety of apéritif wine. Traditionally quinquinas contain cinchona bark, which provides quinine.

During the colonization period of the 17th and 18th centuries, malaria became a threat to European soldiers. It was discovered by the Italians that a Peruvian tree bark called "chinchona," or "quina" in the native tongue, could ward off the disease. This was due to a chemical in the bark named "quinine," and it became a requirement for sailors to have daily rations - what later became known as tonic water. (Add in a ration of citrus to ward off scurvy and a ration of gin to make it all more palatable and we have the origin of the Gin & Tonic). Chinchona became a popular tonic at home as well and it was soon added to bitters and wines. Aromatized wines containing chinchona, and therefore quinine, became known as "quinquina" (keen-KEEN-ah). Interestingly, quinquina was largely produced by the French and not by the Italians who first brought it back to Europe.

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Resolved Issues

  • INTL-293 translate Viewer Set51 [repository: viewer-bear]
  • MAINT-1771 Avatar doesn't stand up after pressing Shift+Alt+S keyboard shortcut
  • MAINT-3219 CLONE - Applying planar texture alignment to prims with diffuse and normal maps fails.
  • MAINT-4743 llPlaySound() does not play in the on_rez() event
  • MAINT-7548 Handle dual-graphics systems more robustly
  • MAINT-8457 "Mute" switching cancels the volume settings of Nearby Media
  • MAINT-8478 Unable to unzoom camera after zooming object behind the draw distance
  • MAINT-8618 User mouse cursor doesn't change on "buy cursor" when an object is for sale from a group
  • MAINT-8620 Group Role ability "ignore landing point" is flaky
  • MAINT-8686 Viewer should report active coroutines at the end of the session
  • MAINT-8706 Feature - Require holding Control key to drag folders into in world objects
  • MAINT-8716 Script name should be passed to "Save to file" dialog.
  • MAINT-8721 Windows 8 benchmarking is entirely disabled on intel
  • MAINT-8724 Second Life crashes on launch on MacOS 10.14 Beta
  • MAINT-8727 [Win] Saving snapshot will cause disconnect if you do not choose desired path in File picker quickly
  • MAINT-8730 Remove or restore fetchFeatureTableCoro
  • MAINT-8731 Add a Build menu Click to: action parameter to disable clicking objects that can be set per-object in a linkset.
  • MAINT-8745 Use HTTPS splash screen in viewer
  • MAINT-8750 Feature Request - Transparency indicator for invisiprims.
  • MAINT-8751 Add a link to create an account to the viewer login screen
  • MAINT-8759 [Win] Choosing new cache location will cause disconnect if you do not choose desired path in File picker quickly
  • MAINT-8764 Crash in LLViewerWindow::saveImageNumbered()
  • MAINT-8800 Viewer shutdown stalls for 10 seconds waiting on Vivox voice shutdown
  • SL-857 Remove "Create Auction" functionality from viewer
  • STORM-2122 UDP data bandwith measuring is off by factor 8