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Release Notes for v5.1.9 (519298) - Second Life Viewer

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on September 05, 2018.

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Release Notes


Maintenance: Rakomelo

Rakomelo (Greek: ρακόμελο (or racomelo) from raki (ρακή) + meli (μέλι), meaning honey) is a Greek mixed alcoholic drink. It is a digestive spirit, high in powerful antioxidants such as flavonoids and is traditionally used by many Greeks as a home remedy for a sore throat or cough.

It is made by combining raki or Tsipouro with honey and several spices, such as cinnamon, cardamom, or other regional herbs. It is produced in Crete and other islands of the Aegean Sea and on the Greek mainland, chiefly consumed during the winter as a warm drink.

As usual, this Maintenance update brings you a combination of crash fixes, feature updates, and bug fixes in a delicious mixture sweetened with performance improvements. Here's the rundown:


  • Caps for friends and groups: this update should notably improve the reliability of friend & group actions
  • Caps for fetching offline IMs
  • Group Notice - If someone sends a group notice immediately before you, it no longer wipes out the notice you are writing
  • You can now sort by recent arrivals in People / Nearby map & list!


  • Chasing the crash in gpu_benchmark() once again
  • Crash in LLVBOPool::allocate
  • crash in LLWindowWin32::close / wglDeleteContext
  • Image allocation & createGLTexture crashes
  • Crash on LLVoiceChannel destruction
  • LLTeleportHistory::updateCurrentLocation(..)
  • LLVorbisDecodeState::initDecode()
  • HandleFocusLost

General / Performance

  • Found and fixed fatal wmic-related failure to launch
  • Scripted teleports had a higher failure rate than user-initiated. This was especially unpleasant for new users on Social Island. Through much cooperation between resident reporters, stubborn QA, and dedicated dev, we’ve been able to finally find and fix several causes of this.
  • Prep for Bakes on Mesh: new icon and better UI handling for unrecognized inventory type.
  • Attachments: "none" action for touch is implemented. You still can’t pay an attachment.
  • Group names shouldn’t be URLs. Even if you pretend that they are. Neither should objects and script names. And mailto: shouldn’t try to open in the internal browser.
  • Removed some confusion when repositioning with "edit linked"
  • Uploading snapshots to your outfits shouldn’t close inventory. Duh.
  • Hidden system folders should stay hidden. Because hidden.
  • Smattering of other minor UI bugs

Graphics & Performance

  • Lower end Intel GPUs will get lower default settings level to increase performance & reduce crashes.
  • You shouldn’t be able to overwrite Default graphics settings. That’s why they’re default.
  • Reduced top image quality for 32 bit viewer to save memory. More memory -> less crashing
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Resolved Issues

  • SL-1111 More image allocation handlings and createGLTexture crashes
  • SL-1118 Crash on LLVoiceChannel destruction
  • SL-1135 Render quality value in About Second Life is misleading
  • SL-1140 default graphics preset can be overwritten
  • SL-1143 "Share" checkbox becomes gray after sharing the object (no modify) for the group in inventory properties
  • SL-1177 HTTP/HTTPS URL in Group Name is represented as a hyperlink
  • SL-1190 Group Notice - If someone sends a group notice immediately before you, it wipes out the notice you are writing
  • SL-1194 Repositioning with Edit Linked and selecting objects that are not yours and yours leads to confusing warnings
  • SL-1196 Location SLURL gets truncated when using Help -> Report Bug to file JIRA
  • SL-1273 Viewer displays 'Connecting to region...' screen forever.
  • SL-1296 [MAINT-8431 regression] HTTP/HTTPS URL in the llGiveInventory is represented as a hyperlink
  • SL-1315 Update Aditi helper_uri to
  • SL-1330 Crash in LLTeleportHistory::updateCurrentLocation(..)
  • SL-1334 Outfit snapshot upload closes inventory
  • SL-1392 Click actions are ignored for attachments
  • SL-1399 sl_launcher.exe fails with python errors due to wmic missing from path
  • SL-1448 Crash in LLVorbisDecodeState::initDecode()
  • SL-1521 Add "Sort by recent arrival" to viewer People / Nearby map and list
  • SL-1522 Using "Reset all to recommended settings" still shows the last active preset as "Preset in use" in the UI
  • SL-1562 [MAINT] Crash on HandleFocusLost
  • SL-1563 Reduce settings (gpu class) for intel gpus
  • SL-1617 mailto URIs attempt to load in the internal browser
  • SL-1635 Need better UI handling of unrecognized inventory items
  • SL-1683 fatal error Failed to launch sl_launcher with python errors running wmic
  • SL-1687 [Italiano] The 'Inventory' floater doesn't display how many items in the folder
  • SL-1696 [Maint] Friend requests from release cannot be accepted by
  • SL-1717 Reduce top image quality for 32 bit viewer to save memory
  • SL-1751 User is able to send friendship request to another user that is already a friend from the group menu
  • SL-1846 Crashes in gpu_benchmark()
  • SL-1905 Use the ReadOfflineMsgs cap to fetch IMs after login
  • SL-1921 Escape newlines in log entries
  • SL-3046 Scripted teleports have a higher rate of failure than user-initiated teleports. Affects new users teleporting to Social Island.
  • SL-3818 Crash in LLVBOPool::allocate
  • SL-4330 [PUBLIC_JIRA_USERS] crash in LLWindowWin32::close / wglDeleteContext
  • SL-4749 [VWR] Can view hidden system folders in inventory by changing "Show Filters..." settings
  • SL-920 Add new friendship caps to viewer
  • SL-927 Add new groups caps to viewer
  • SL-967 Simplify viewer log file field syntax