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Release Notes for v6.1.1 (525401) - Second Life Viewer

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on March 20, 2019.

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Release Notes


Teranino is an authentic Istrian liqueur made with Istrian Teran grapes, with addition of fruit brandy, and 10 different spices. Alcohol volume is 15.9%.

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Resolved Issues

  • INTL-324 TLS failure dialog is not localized -> Viewer Set55 translation [viewer-neko] (Marchcat)
  • INTL-327 Spelling mistake
  • INTL-329 [Maint] The 'Upload model' floater is not fully localized in non-English languages
  • SL-10001 Position parameters trembling at the top of the page during movement
  • SL-10023 [OSX] World Map, dragging mouse repeatedly in one direction causes cursor to jump to the edge map floater
  • SL-10042 Hang in inventory floater
  • SL-10043 Viewer crashes when double-clicking 'For sale' parcel icon on World map in some cases
  • SL-1005 Changed media event is not firing when the URL is amended by a '#' on post-Alex Ivy viewers.
  • SL-10080 Update LOD limits similar to Firestorm
  • SL-10089 Study to see which gSavedSettings.get calls should be cached
  • SL-10092 Autoreplace Keyword may not contain non-English characters
  • SL-10094 Mute sound should ONLY mute the viewer's sounds, not the whole computer's (Mac) sound.
  • SL-10096 ParcelPropertiesRequest is sent too often when terraforming or hover tooltips are On
  • SL-10101 Remake frequent setting calls to cached variants
  • SL-10113 [Win] File pickers are not threaded in XUI preview floater
  • SL-10135 [Feature Request] Change group notices to show as SLT
  • SL-10145 Right clicking on unselected link in editor near selected text shows wrong menu
  • SL-10149 'Mute when minimized' checkbox is displayed without focus on it after pressing on label in the "Preferences" floater
  • SL-10150 'Preset in use' is showing last saved preset name in preferences
  • SL-10152 Uninstaller's offers to delete remaining files is problematic if user installed into an important folder.
  • SL-10172 Add a KB link to the TLS failure dialog
  • SL-10175 Copyright year in application info is 2007
  • SL-10228 HTTP/HTTPS URL in the object name is represented as a hyperlink in message floater
  • SL-10229 Group icon doesn't display by default in the People and Profile floaters after creating new group
  • SL-10231 The Viewer cache size values differ from the formulas
  • SL-10233 'Default' button doesn't work in 'Pick:Texture' floater after dragging any texture from the inventory to the side face of the object
  • SL-10234 [Win]The viewer shows installation language as system default
  • SL-10235 Texture tab of the build tool is opened with Bumpiness or Shininess instead of Texture as default value
  • SL-10236 The "Attach To", "Attach To HUD", and "Wear" options aren't greyed out when reaching the limit of attached objects
  • SL-10251 'L$[Amount]' text is displayed in Snapshot floater on Japanese localization
  • SL-10283 Unable to change "Repeats per meter" on bottom face of hollowed cube
  • SL-10285 BugSplat Crash: SecondLifeViewer!LLControlAvatar::isImpostor(620)
  • SL-10291 Conflicting PR: Where possible replace apr with standard C++11 functionality
  • SL-10293 Firestorm PR: preferences and menu search
  • SL-10320 Crash in LLVOAvatar::updateAttachmentOverrides()
  • SL-10321 'Uploads' tab is not displayed after any search in Preferences
  • SL-10325 Preferences tabs are displayed incorrectly if hovering it while searching any keyword
  • SL-10338 The “add friend” button is available when user is already at your friends list
  • SL-10347 Users can't exchange text messages in the group chat after moderator click on "Mute everyone"
  • SL-10349 Most of the tooltips are missing in the Object Profile
  • SL-10351 Player Avatars muted by Group moderator become Blocked for every participant in the group call
  • SL-10352 [Maint] 'Search menus' disappears after entering and exiting mouselook view
  • SL-10412 Move My Avatar/Scripts to Me drop down menu
  • SL-10422 BugSplat Crash: SecondLifeViewer!LLSD::asInteger(837)
  • SL-10466 Prod Viewer Not recognizing environment experience bit, throws error message
  • SL-10470 Viewer freezes at startup due to log spam
  • SL-10505 Right clicking on any name in Friends list accesses every chat .txt file stored
  • SL-10545 Please provide summary script information in Top Scripts
  • SL-10549 The 'Save' button remains disabled after changing the classified image in the 'Edit Classified' floater
  • SL-10550 About Land - Script Info - Avatar - attachment location updates
  • SL-10686 Speak indicator is shown in all active conversations
  • SL-10769 [EEP] Latest Dullahan/CEF update breaks parcel media playback - Dullahan: 1.1.1309 / CEF: 3.3626.1895.g7001d56 / Chromium: 72.0.3626.121
  • SL-1386 Crash in LLInventoryPanel::onSelectionChange()
  • SL-1481 Modify viewer motion prediction for region crossings
  • SL-1811 Chat causes FPS drop
  • SL-1866 [OSX] Viewer crashes when the user changes avatar after editing texture
  • SL-2364 Viewer Caches Login Host DNS Entries for the Lifetime of the Process
  • SL-3404 ParcelPropertiesRequest is sent every time the mouse cursor moves or the agent moves
  • SL-3488 Remove "Disable Selected" and "Disable All" Buttons Functionallity in Top Scripts - Region/Estate Menu
  • SL-4730 Texture thrashing constantly when Bias is insufficient to load textures below various hardware thresholds
  • SL-5366 Chinese characters not displaying correctly in viewer, they appear as empty boxes.
  • SL-8963 Long name of region overlaps each other on the World map
  • SL-9414 Inconsistent touch hover icon and touch click action when viewed through transparent prims
  • SL-9747 [Mesh Uploader] Remove model_metric from upload
  • SL-9782 The Stand button doesn't lay anymore on the lower bar, but floats 2cm above it
  • SL-9935 Include full win10 build number in Help > About Second Life and logs
  • SL-9954 Viewer crashes if logcontrol-dev.xml is modified
  • SL-9975 All offline inventory offers from scripted objects are lost