Release Notes/Second Life Server/1.40

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  • Fixes:
    • Multi-attachment issues resulting in damaged/inaccessible attachments
    • Objects on the ground worn as attachments do not appear 'worn' in inventory
    • SVC-5931: 1.40 sim crash causes inventory loss
    • Logging out with multiple items attached to same spot will restore them in incorrect position
    • Potential sim crash bug
  • Changes:
    • Modified threshold for newly rezzed objects becoming phantom


  • Back-end service updates


  • 1.40.0 Bug Fixes
    • SVC-5922: Physics unset on vehicles when seated avatars goes beyond the physical 'prim' limit where agents are counted towards prims
    • SVC-5923: Child prims with multiple scripts are incorrectly passing touch events to root prim
    • SVC-5925: Erratic behavior on script rezzed prims set physical
    • SVC-5928: llPassCollisions not detecting child prim collissions
    • SVC-5930: 'collision_start' event is triggered unexpectedly after a region restart
    • SVC-5932: Touch ignored by script in daughter prim(s) of a VEHICLE object, when its is PHYSICAL


  • Back-end service updates


  • New features
    • Havok 7: Upgraded physics engine
    • SVC-5170: New primtiveparam: PRIM_NAME
    • SVC-5171: New primitiveparam: PRIM_DESC
    • SVC-5573: New llGetLinkNumberOfSides(integer linknum)
  • Bug Fixes
    • SVC-388: llGetScriptName() returns script's old name
    • SVC-1150: llOverMyLand returns false positives when avatar is not over owner's land but close by in another sim
    • SVC-3556: Intra-Region teleport not possible when region is full
    • SVC-3618: Estate Managers are unable to freeze / eject persons
    • Fixed: Muting a user does not mute llDialog in their objects
    • Fixed: Estate ban lines circumvented under some circumstances
    • Fixed: Attachments can appear in incorrect places under some circumstances
    • Fixed: Several teleport bugs