Release Notes/Second Life Server/1.42

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  • Features
    • Threaded region crossings & teleports enabled.
      When avatars teleport or cross into a region, or objects cross from one region to another, part of the processing is now handled in another thread This should help reduce the lag experienced when other avatars enter the region you are on.
  • Bug Fixes
    • SVC-787: llGetAgentInfo Returns AGENT_TYPING ONLY when Debug Setting playTypingAnim == TRUE
    • SVC-2156: llLookAt reverts prev rot when prim becomes physical
    • SVC-2424: llAngleBetween() is sometimes inaccurate
    • SVC-5387: Snapshot to postcard failure
    • SVC-5503: llGetAgentLanguage() return several lines of text when griefers fiddle with settings.xml
    • collision_start fails to trigger in llVolumeDetect(TRUE) objects under certain conditions.
    • Avatars crossing region boundaries in a vehicle temporarily disappear from other avatars' view.
    • Top Colliders returns empty list
    • And of course, various crash modes