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Release notes for Snowglobe version 1.1. Snowglobe is a Second Life-compatible viewer, built jointly by the open source community and Linden Lab. As Philip Linden described when he first announced the project back in March, we set out to create "a widely-used, openly developed version of the Second Life client which is a compelling alternative for a broad set of users, and contains enhancements and development that then rapidly make their way back into the mainstream Second Life version."

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New in Snowglobe 1.1


Below is a list of features new to Snowglobe 1.1, added since Snowglobe 1.0 Snowglobe 1.1 is mainly a bugfix release to address the most urgent crash and performance issues in Snowglobe 1.0. However, there were minor enhancements in this development cycle.

New in 1.1.3 (since 1.1.2):

  • Bug fixes:
    • SNOW-306 Edits to notecards in task inventory are not visible within a viewer session

New in all 1.1.* versions:

  • New features
    • SNOW-97 Building hotkeys to select/include next/previous prim in a link set (VWR-9287)
    • SNOW-79 Provide a setting to adjust the maximum size of objects displayed on the minimap (VWR-12631)
    • SNOW-78 Menu item to hide object selection outlines (VWR-6918)
  • Bug fixes:
    • SNOW-22 High end systems receiving inaccurate notice of not meeting minimum requirements
    • SNOW-28 Bumpmaps don't appear (except Brightness and Darkness)
    • SNOW-67 Mini-map beacon icon doesn't display correctly when beacon position above or below camera (VWR-4106)
    • SNOW-68 Mini-Map labels are now black instead of white and hard to read in Silver skin
    • SNOW-69 Clicking send in an IM window does not add the sent text to the line editor history (VWR-14267)
    • SNOW-71 Gesture auto-completion adds uncommitted suggestions to the line editor history (VWR-14278)
    • SNOW-100 Linux: Can't open secondlife:// urls ( is looking for secondlife)
    • SNOW-119 Race condition in lltexture fetch
    • SNOW-136 Circular symlink to in Linux viewer

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Known Issues

  • SNOW-48 - Large textures sometimes appear fuzzy and not fully loaded
  • SNOW-18 - On main login screen, when updates are available, the update and release notes are un-clickable
  • SNOW-14 - Entering fullscreen sometimes makes rendering very dark/black. Relog corrects problem.
  • SNOW-60 - Launching secondlife: urls (e.g. from ) from a browser to a running Snowglobe instance fails on Mac
  • SNOW-59 - Texture Cache miss doesn't retry transfer, prim remains grey
  • SNOW-94 - Textures keep reloading
  • SNOW-112 - http map textures are corrupted
  • SNOW-64 - Map dialog is too narrow for some localized text (e.g. French)

See the following for more: