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Release notes for Snowglobe version 1.4

Snowglobe is a Second Life-compatible viewer, built jointly by the open source community and Linden Lab. As Philip Linden described when he first announced the project back in March 2009, we set out to create "a widely-used, openly developed version of the Second Life client which is a compelling alternative for a broad set of users, and contains enhancements and development that then rapidly make their way back into the mainstream Second Life version."

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New in Snowglobe 1.4


Below is a list of features new to Snowglobe 1.4, added since Snowglobe 1.3

New features

  • SNOW-586 - Add option to align textures across planar-mapped parallel faces.
  • SNOW-636 - Parse links to in chat as slurls.
  • SNOW-622 - Add Date Stamp to Chat and IM log filenames.
  • SNOW-722 - Add checkbox for Log Filename Date Stamp.
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Bugs fixed in Snowglobe 1.4


Bugs fixed (highlights)

  • VWR-12984 - Water flickers and disappears in patches
  • SNOW-169 - Viewer crash: LLViewerImage::doLoadedCallbacks: ASSERT (mRawImage.notNull())
  • SNOW-484 - Recursive animations can crash viewer
  • SNOW-488 - Malformed animation crash
  • SNOW-551 - -loginuri command line argument converted to lower case
  • SNOW-613 - Socks proxy is not working correctly with username/password auth.
  • SNOW-783 - Object cache files being written with a filename that is not being used when attempting to read them.

Bugs fixed (full list)

  • SNOW-77 - Backported from viewer 2.1: handle map-server-url login response.
  • SNOW-384 - A tool_tip is obscuring our view when typing into the Chat Bar.
  • SNOW-426 - Make play nicely with express editions of Visual Studio
  • SNOW-429 - Build arch detection uses uname which is not accurate
  • SNOW-432 - Snowglobe build process uses APR before download/install
  • SNOW-466 - Enabling antialias leads to "window creation error" (even though OpenGL appears to be OK)
  • SNOW-477 - Wrong string raw_file in strings.xml for RAW file.

8 SNOW-479 - Linux standalone build fails during " --standalone configure" in and FindJsonCpp.cmake.

  • SNOW-513 - GCC 4.4: deprecated conversion from string constant to 'gchar*'
  • SNOW-548 - WebKit plugin crashes when system has Flash 10.1.x installed (Linux only).
  • SNOW-589 - Don't disable GStreamer on 64-bit Linux, when the Viewer binary is 64-bit, too.
  • SNOW-592 - gstreamer 0.10.28 standalone build failure
  • SNOW-624 - Make Snowglobe compile with Boost 1.42
  • SNOW-626 - Snowglobe compiled against Boost-1.42 crashes when certain command line options are given.
  • SNOW-629 - Leading zero missing from hour portion of timestamp field in local chat history and log file.
  • SNOW-693 - Corrupt assets crash viewers with OpenJPEG.
  • SNOW-698 - Crash when http-getting an empty texture: ERROR: doWork: ASSERT (mFormattedImage->getDataSize() > 0).
  • SNOW-710 - Workaround for ERROR: onBakedTextureMasksLoaded: No auxiliary source data for onBakedTextureMasksLoaded.
  • SNOW-712 - HTTP-fetched textures are not always decoded (backport from 2.0.)
  • SNOW-713 - Global objects in libllcommon duplicated in plugins.
  • SNOW-717 - Mouse pointer flickers between default and object related on hover over active objects.
  • SNOW-744 - scripts/ --uninstall does not remove symbolic links.
  • SNOW-753 - llqtwebkit is not searched for by cmake when configuring for standalone.
  • SNOW-766 - Add a 'printbuilddirs' command to
  • SNOW-768 - scripts/ extract empty 'linden' directory in source tree.
  • SNOW-796 - Cause "reset to default" to update cached Debug Settings control variables too.
  • SNOW-800 - Move non-POD constants from header to source files.

Fixes for new bugs introduced during 1.4 development

  • SNOW-604 - Asset bundles files missing, impossible to compile viewer.
  • SNOW-765 - Immediate crash on Mac launching Release build.
  • SNOW-639 - Version number not updated for SG 1.4 in InfoPlist.Strings.

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Known Issues

  • SNOW-14 - Entering fullscreen sometimes makes rendering very dark/black. Relog corrects problem.
  • SNOW-59 - Texture remains grey, texture console shows "MIS".
  • SNOW-181 - Bump Map Brightness not rendering properly for some textures.
  • SNOW-249 - Some prim faces are remaining grey. Texture console indicates Area 0.

See the following for more: