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Release notes for Snowglobe version 2.0

Snowglobe 2.0 is a new rebased version of Snowglobe, off the Viewer 2.0 code base. The source code and required bundles for development (artwork and libraries) are available for download.

However, at the time of this writing (April 29 2010), Snowglobe 2.0 does not yet contain all the Snowglobe specific features that the Snowglobe community has been adding to the Snowglobe 1.x viewer. Thanks for your patience while we're adding those back to the Snowglobe 2.0 code base.

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New in Snowglobe 2.0


Below is a list of features new to Snowglobe 2.0

New features

All that is available in Viewer 2.0 is also available in Snowglobe 2.0. See the Beta Viewer 2.0 Release Notes.

Snowglobe 1.x features ported over to Snowglobe 2.0

  • SNOW-78 - Menu item to hide object selection outlines (port tracked as SNOW-575)
  • SNOW-84 - Assertion 'mNumDescendantsSelected >= 0' failed
  • SNOW-220 - GL_COLOR_INDEX8_EXT Not defined (port tracked as SNOW-572)
  • SNOW-227 - Harmless warnings building mac-updater (port tracked as SNOW-627)
  • SNOW-231 - WaitNextEvent() is deprecated in OS X 10.6 (port tracked as SNOW-570)
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Bugs fixed in Snowglobe 2.0


Bugs fixed (highlights)

Bugs fixed (full list)

  • SNOW-513 - GCC 4.4: deprecated conversion from string constant to 'gchar*'
  • SNOW-571 - Replacing another deprecated WaitNextEvent() for the OS X 10.6 SDK
  • SNOW-573 - Deprecated methods for getting and setting the system audio mute prevent building with the OS X 10.6 SDK

Fixes for new bugs introduced during 2.0 development

  • SNOW-500 - snowglobe 2.0 does not build - missing files in svn
  • SNOW-501 - ./scripts/ missing from both tarballs and svn
  • SNOW-502 - Wrong URLs in ./doc/asset_urls.txt
  • SNOW-503 - standalone generate fails
  • SNOW-504 - Standalone builds fail as Copy3rdPartyLibs.cmake should not run on standalone cases
  • SNOW-506 - LLInstanceTracker<LLEventTimer, LLEventTimer*>' is an inaccessible base of 'LLEventTimer'
  • SNOW-507 - Missing LL_TEST conditions in cmake files
  • SNOW-511 - Patch for standalone build with webkit (2.0 code base)
  • SNOW-512 - Build of LLPlugin fails on 64bit linux due to non PIC code linking into the DSO (2.0 code base)
  • SNOW-514 - error: 'LLInstanceTracker<LLNameListCtrl, LLNameListCtrl*>' is an inaccessible base of 'LLNameListCtrl'
  • SNOW-517 - viewer manifest is incomplete on 64bit
  • SNOW-520 - Make play nicely with express editions of Visual Studio (2.0 code base)
  • SNOW-543 - Linux packing fixes
  • SNOW-599 - Build failure on standalone linux due to missing pulseaudio. Patches to allow PulseAudio optional
  • SNOW-612 - Loading of the webkit plugin fails with "undefined symbol: _ZN18LinuxVolumeCatcherD1Ev"

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Known Issues

  • Building standalone: this has not been tested yet! If you build standalone (i.e. without using the LL provided libraries), do not expect Snowglobe 2.0 to build immediately. If you are interested however to get this Standalone build to work, please join us on opensource-dev
  • Features that are not yet in Snowglobe 2.0 (as of February 22 2010):
    • Chat Translation
    • OGP-Login
    • SOCKS5
    • Some bug fixes, especially those related to building