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This article is about links. For LSL related information, see Category:LSL Link.


When building, multiple prims may be linked together, so they can be moved and saved to your inventory as one unit. This unit is sometimes referred to as a link set. You can imagine it like gluing multiple elementary pieces together to create a new object. To link prims, open the Edit window. Do this by right mouse clicking on one of the prims that you would like to link and choose "edit" from the pie menu. Select one or more additional prims to be linked by holding down the ⇧ Shift key and selecting them one at a time with the left mouse click. Each additional prim that is selected in this way will be included in the linking process. The last prim that is selected in this way becomes the Root Prim of the Link Set. Each of the other prims that are linked in this way become a Child Prim of the Link Set.

You may only link objects when all of the prims being linked are owned by the same owner. That owner may be you or another Resident. When you want to link prims owned by someone else, that Resident needs to grant you the rights to edit his or her items. In addition to having the same owner, each of the prims must have modify permissions as well as compatible copy-transfer permissions! A no-copy object cannot be linked to a no-transfer object (because the resulting object would be no-copy no-transfer, which is not allowed).

After selecting all of the objects that you would like to link, go to Tools > Link (or press Ctrl-L). Due to limits, you can only link up to 256 prims (was 255 until SL Server 1.26).

See Limits for other information about a number of other issues related to Link Sets such as Link Distance, and Vehicle Link Sets.

Second Life® does not support hierarchical linking, that is to say, no child prim may have child prims. The root prim is the only prim that causes other prims to move when it's position or rotation change.


Unlink allows you to unlink one or more prims from the link set.

In order to unlink an entire link set, select the link set in Edit Mode and choose Tools > Unlink (or press Ctrl-⇧ Shift-L).

A single prim may be unlinked from the Link Set by checking the box Edit> Select Linked Prim. when one prim of the Link Set is selected in this way, choose Tools > Unlink (or press Ctrl-⇧ Shift-L). The Link Set will remain linked with the exception of the single prim that had been selected.

As a time saver, multiple prims may be unlinked from a Link Set as a group rather than individually. Select the Link Set. After selecting the first prim, multiple individual prims may be added to the selection as described above by holding the Shift Key as you selected each successive prim. When each of the desired prims are selected, choose Tool > Unlink (or press Ctrl-⇧ Shift-L) as you did with a single selected prim. The result will be that each of the selected prims becomes unlinked and the remainder of the prims are left as a Link Set.


  • If you do not unlink the original Root Prim, it will of course remain the Root Prim. The order in which prims are selected during the initial linking is retained. If you do unlink the Root Prim of the original Link Set, the result is that another prim becomes the root prim of the remaining Link Set. The remaining Link Set will have a Root Prim that is determined according to the order in which they were selected during the original linking process. Just as with the original linking process, the prim that was selected last during the initial linking becomes the new Root Prim.
  • If an object (of multiple prims) is attached to your avatar (as in your av is wearing it), you cannot unlink, or subsequently delete, individual prims of an object. The object must be dropped or detached and then rez'ed.

Link Set

Link Sets appear in your inventory as if they were a single object. The Link Set receives its name from the Root Prim of the Link Set.

Root Prim

A Root prim is the Prim in a Link Set that defines the name of the Link Set. The Root Prim is the last prim that is selected when 2 or more prims are selected to be linked. When a Link Set is selected for editing, the Root Prim is the only prim of the Link Set that appears outlined in yellow.

Child Prim

Child Prims are any of the other prims in a link Set that are not the Root Prim of the Link Set. When a Link Set is selected for editing, all Child Prims of the Link Set appear outlined in blue.

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