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Transcripts are boring to read through, and although are available upon request, won't be posted here, only the notes.

Sim Layout

  • Due to permissions issues, the original plan for having multiple instances of a 4-sim estate was turned down (understandably)
  • After reflecting on the experience with last year's birthday celebrations, and taking the population increase into account, a 9-sim layout with 2 sims per period with an additional past/future sim in the center would be best.
    • A rectangular 8 sim layout was suggested, but after rezzing a quick plywood model for a 9 sim layout, it was decided that having to walk over 768m to get from Y1 to Y4 would probably be a bad thing.
  • To allow for the full (tasteful) freedom of expression for the non-PG communities in SL, it was decided that since we have 2 sims per year, that one should be PG, and the other Mature.

SL04 SL04 PG SL01 PG
SL03 SL4B SL01
SL03 PG SL02 PG SL02

Linden World

The possibility of re-creating Linden World was suggested, but turned down due to the scale and complexity of the task rivalling that of organising SL4B.

Marketing Materials

It was suggested that to aid in getting as many people as possible aware of SL4B, that the audio and video marketing materials for SL4B


Johnny Ming agreed to assist with SL4B's audio submissions contest via SecondCast, much in the same way the SecondCasters assisted the Second Life Relay for Life with their podcasting goodness.


moo Money will be organising the judging of video submissions contest, as she is organising the Machinima stuffages for SL4B.


  1. All submissions must be PG
  2. Submissions must be made before Midnight GMT, May 1st 2007
  3. Audio :
    1. Audio clips should be 30 seconds long
    2. Audio clips should be in Ogg FLAC or zipped/7zipped/gZipped WAV, so as to avoid quantization errors when transcoding to the lossy format of choice for each individual broadcaster.
  4. Video:
    1. Video clips should be no shorter than 30 seconds long, no longer than 2 minutes.
    2. Video clips should be available as 320x240 movie that can be played in QuickTime without any 3rd party modifications.
    3. Video clips should feature the candles being produced by Mera Pixel, which will be available
  5. Audio and Video clips must be released under a Creative Commons license
  6. Audio and Video submissions should be sent to SignpostMarv Martin via an IM program listed under

For-profit content

For profit content with historical significance will be permitted to be displayed at SL4B under the following conditions:

  • No vendors
  • No adverts saying "Buy this here"

Next Meeting

  • SL4B Meeting (EU Friendly)no description

2007-04-16T10:00:00-07:00 - 2007-04-16T11:00:00-07:00 Volunteer Auditorium, Pro Racer🖈

  • SL4B Meeting (US Friendly)no description

2007-04-16T18:00:00-07:00 - 2007-04-16T19:00:00-07:00 Volunteer Auditorium, Pro Racer🖈