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Please note: SLT = Pacific Time (PT)

Confirmed Panels Title Date Time Moderator Panel Category Location Description
1 Opening Keynote 6/23/2008 10am PT M Linden & Philip Linden - Executive Speech Main Stage:
2 SL Musicians building RL Careers 6/23/2008 12pm PT Blondin Linden Nexeus Fatale, Keiko Takamura, Hep Shepherd, Slim Warrior, Dizzy Banjo, Benton Wunderlich Music/Business SL5B Linked SLurl:
3 CLUB SCHOOL DISCUSSION: The international appeal of Virtual DJing 6/24/2008, 6/28/2008 6pm PT, 10am PT Lias Leandros AlterKatze Barnstormer: USA, Vicious Enigma: Japan, Rhiannah Jenkins: Germany, Braddo Parx - Australia, hadji Ling: Portugal, MEXICAN Halfpint: Mexico, Bats Enoch: England Music/International SL5B Dwell SLurl:
4 Starting Corporate Training Program in Second Life: Best Practices, Security Concerns and Future Developments 6/30/2008 9am PT Alex Heiphetz Glenn Linden, Erica Driver (Principal in ThinkBalm), Dolf Wittkämper (Virtual Worlds New Business Director, Philips), Paul Smith (Senior Training Analyst, Principal Financial Group, Gina Schreck (Executive VP, Synapse 3Di), Mitzi M. Montoya (PhD, Zelnak Professor of Marketing & Innovation Director, North Carolina State University), Anne P. Massey (PhD, Dean's Research Professor, Information Systems, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University), Claudia Smith (Business Training Consultant, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage) Corporate Training SL5B Linked SLurl:
5 Urbanism, Architecture, Planning: How Second Life Can Help Build the Urban Landscape of the First Life--and Vice Versa 7/1/2008 12pm PT Rissa Maidstone Tab Scott (Creative Research Lab, Montana State University), Diva Canto (Dept. of Informatics, UC Irvine), Boston Borst (Department of Visual and Media Arts, Emerson College, Hub2), Keystone Bouchard, (Crescendo Design, Studio Wikitecture, Hiro Pendragon (Involve 3D) Arch/Planning SL5B Linked SLurl: Urbanism, Architecture, Planning: How Second Life Can Help Build the Urban Landscape of the Physical World--and Vice Versa. Municipal, government and private organizations around the world struggle to design new projects that serve their communities and harmonize with the urban landscape and infrastructure. But it's hard to convey vision to stakeholders, socialize aspects of design and achieve consensus. Today's panel describes how they're using Second Life to present, test, collaborate about, and socialize design in real architectural and engineering applications.
6 Scientists and Science Outreach in Second Life 7/1/2008 5pm PT Bjorlyn Loon Pema Pera, Ourania Fiztgig, Prospero Linden, Troy McLauhan Science / Exploration SL5B Linked SLurl: Tonight's panel will bring together science outreach specialists to

showcase how they are bringing real science into the community of Second Life. In the form of an open discussion with audience Q&A, we hope to engage the everyday resident in science and inspire new ideas for science in Second Life for the future.

7 Picking up on Second Life - Educational Projects in Germany 7/2/2008 9am PT Xon Emoto (CEO of Büro X Media Lab) Ziggy Moonflower (Metaversa e.V.), Dia Diqui (Time4You), Bernd Celt (Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln), Tyke McMillan (Universität Hamburg), Jean Linden (Linden Lab) German/Education SL5B Linked SLurl: This talk will be about the rapid expansion of German educational activities in SL. Jean Linden from Linden Lab will open with a keynote on international projects in SL and offer first hand insights. Bernd Schmitz (Bernd Celt) of the University of Applied Science Cologne has been the first German educator to start a 3D presence and orientation activities in SL. Michael Lange of Metaversa (Ziggy Moonflower) is one of the few Germans with projects on the teen grid. Matthias Rückel (Dia Diqui) of time4you focuses on SL as a an e-learning platform and a learning space for companies. Torsten Reiners (Tyke McMillan) manages the SL activities of University of Hamburg, first in Germany to start their own sim. Hanno Tietgens of Buero X Media Lab will give an update on the collaborative Campus Hamburg initiative and long distance learning projects with TUEV NORD. Hanno will also be moderating the talk. The presentations and discussion will be held in English on a *first come first served* basis.
8 The Future of Healthcare in Virtual Worlds 7/2/2008 11am PT Davee Commerce, Virtual Worlds Programme Leader, Imperial College London James Kinross (Surgeon, Imperial College London), Dan Hoch (Neurologist, Massachussets General Hospital), Victor Cid (Senior Computer Scientist, National Library of Medicine), Ran Hinrichs, (CEO 2b3d), Dr Maurice Slevin (London Oncology Clinic), Pathfinder Linden, Shireen Lewis (Strategic Planning and Innovation, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center), Maria Toro-Troconis (Senior Learning Technologist, Imperial College London) Healthcare SL5B Linked SLurl:
9 Visualizing Real Data in a Virtual World 7/2/2008 12:30pm PT Xantha Oe - SL: DataViz (MS Future Groups) David Burden - SL: Corro Moseley (Daden), Gus Rosania -SL: Caia Alter (Univ of Michigan), Ben Lindquist - SL: Arkowitz Jonson (GreenPhosphor), Michael Osias - SL: Illuminous Beltran (IBM), Maged N Kamel Boulos - SL: MB Chevalier (University of Plymouth) Data / Visualization SL5B Linked SLurl: The next obvious step in the evolution of virtual worlds is using them as the front-end display for data applications, making them alive with information, streaming in data and representing it visually. This session features several innovative data visualization applications from enterprise and academia. The virtual worlds data visualization community is organized though a wiki ( and the Data Visualization group in Second Life which collaborates and displays tools at the open source data viz island located in the SciLands (
10 Lernen mit Spass in der Volkshochschule - Have Fun learning in the German adult education centre 7/2/2008 1:30pm PT Lexa Merlin Danziel Lane and Jachmes Masala International / Education SL5B Linked SLurl: Unterricht, der Spass macht und die 3D-Moeglichkeiten von SL voll ausschoepft. Das ist unsere Spezialitaet, wofuer wir auch den europaeischen e-learning Award eurelea ( in 2008 bekommen haben. Heute demonstrieren wir unseren Unterrichtsstil (in SLVoice). Hoeren reicht. Mikro ist nicht erforderlich

Classes that bring fun in your SL Life and where all 3D- possibilities that SL offers, are used to create an interesting learning unit.This is our speciality. We won the European e-learning Award eurelea 2008 ( with our SL-concept and would like to show you why. Please activate your SLVoice. No micro necessary. Being able to listen is enough.

11 Business on the Teen Grid (tentative) 7/3/2008 10am PT Teen Moderators tba Teen Business Teen Grid
12 M Linden Address Teen Second Life 7/3/2008 11am PT M Linden - Executive Speech Teen Grid M will be addressing teens in TSL, recognizing the great work they've been doing as well as organizations like Global Kids. Moderated by Blue Linden, he'll also be answering some of their questions and concerns about TSL. The session will be done in chat, and transcripts will be made available as soon as possible
13 'Coming of Age in Second Life' Author Discussion 7/3/2008 12pm PT Persis Trilling Tom Boellstorff Literature ( SL5B Linked SLurl: 'Coming of Age in Second Life' shows how virtual worlds can change ideas about identity and society. Bringing anthropology into territory never before studied, this book demonstrates that in some ways humans have always been virtual, and that virtual worlds in all their rich complexity build upon a human capacity for culture that is as old as humanity itself.
14 Community Enlightenment 7/3/2008 3pm PT Kate Linden Torley and Jeremy Linden plus Fox Diller and Dimitrio Lewis NUE SL5B Linked SLurl: Second Life is full of features and services ready to be explored. Our panel will introduce information about Groups, Content Creation, as well as Educational Resources and how they relate. Join our casual gathering of Q&A and enhance your in-world experience.
15 Resident Help Groups and the New User Experience 7/5/2008 6pm PT Carl Metropolitan Sumar Morgan (The Shelter), Orhalla Zandar (SL Hobos and Caletta InfoHub), Prokofy Neva (Ross InfoHub), Gentle Heron (The Heron Sanctuary) New User Experience SL5B Linked SLurl: The "Resident Help Groups and New User Experience" panel (Saturday, July 5th, 6pm SLT) will focus on how resident help groups (such as NCI/New Citizens Incorporated or The Shelter) play a critical part in teaching and retaining new SL residents. We will discuss how resident help groups relate to the Linden Lab's official Mentor group, and the advantages and disadvantages of running an independent group. We will also touch on Linden Lab's new "Resident Help Network" initiative. Panelists will include Carl Metropolitan (NCI/New Citizens Incorporated), Sumar Morgan (The Shelter), Prokofy Neva (Ross InfoHub), Orhalla Zandar (SL Hobos & Caletta InfoHub), and Gentle Heron (Heron Sanctuary Welcome Center & Virtual Ability)
16 Social Network Panel 7/6/2008 1pm PT Nosh Contractor Eytan Bakshy, Dmitri Williams Social Network SL5B Linked SLurl:
17 Closing Keynote 7/7/2008 9am PT Mitch Kapor - Executive Speech Main Stage: Audo URL: Capping off the business, healthcare, education and training week of SL5B, Linden Lab board member Mitch Kapor will deliver a keynote address about Second Life as a disruptive technology platform. In addition to SL as a creative, social space, we are now seeing broader uses for education, philanthropy, art, fashion, medical research, architecture and design, science, and entertainment. Many people around the world are making a living on creative work they love doing in Second Life.
18 Language Learning & Teaching in SL 7/7/2008 12pm PT Dudeney Ge (Director, EduNation) Iffaf Ling (Teacher Trainer, LanguageLab), Head Teacher (Director of Studies, LanguageLab), Daf Smirnov (Spanish Courses, Language Lab), Baldric Commons (Project Leader, British Council), Howie Yokishawa (CEO Avatar Languages) and Calisto Encinal (Glendale Community College, Encinal Language / Education SL5B Linked SLurl: In this roundtable we’ll be discussing the advancements made in language teaching and language teacher training over the past two years and considering the core skills needed to get started, as well as approaches, tools and content that work well in SL. Our mixed panel includes teachers, teacher trainers and materials designers and we look forward to a lively debate followed by even livelier audience discussion.
19 Public Diplomacy and Virtual Worlds 7/7/2008 1pm PT Jean Linden Tori Horton (Project Manager for the Network Culture Project at the USC Annenberg School for Communication), Joshua Fouts (Director at Dancing Ink Productions who has partnered with Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs on "Understanding Islam through Virtual Worlds."), Lowisa Williams/William May (US State Department running projects in Second Life), Evan Potter, Stefan Geens (from the Swedish Institute, Stefan manages Sweden's Virtual Embassy in Second Life) and Hamlet Au, aka Wagner James Au, one of the foremost writers on the emerging society of Second Life and the next generation of the Net, he is the author of *The Making of Second Life* Diplomacy / Gov't SL5B Linked SLurl: Second Life - a new frontier for public diplomacy?

With a global 3D platform that enables the sharing of information and culture, crossing national boundaries, is Second Life the next frontier for public diplomacy? What kind of projects enable the sharing of experience and discussion of international issues? What kind of innovation and solutions could this foster? Our expert panelists include:Tori Horton, Director of the "Second Life and the Public Good, Community Challenge" project through USC's Annenberg School for Communication; Christopher R. Keesey, Project Manager for Marketing and Learning Applications at Ohio University Without Boundaries division; William May, Public Diplomacy IT Office Director responsible for PD and applied/new technology at the US State Department; Lovisa Williams, Senior Technology Adviser and leading the department's presence within Second Life at the US State Department; and Evan Potter, U.S. Canada Fulbright Visiting Research Chair in Public Diplomacy, 2008 at USC's Center on Public Diplomacy, and Stefan Geens from the Swedish Institute, who manages Sweden's Virtual Embassy in Second Life. Second House of Sweden. We're also joined by Hamlet Au, aka Wagner James Au, Formerly Hamlet Linden, the author of the book *The Making of Second Life* ( and the ongoing blog New World Notes (, whose ongoing mission is to cover Second Life as an emerging society and the next generation of the Net. The group will be discussing their work and how it will change the world.

20 Connecting our brains to virtual worlds: An introduction of an assistive technology for the physically challenged 7/7/2008 5pm PT Junichi Ushiba, Ph.D (Keio University, Japan) - Healthcare SL5B Linked SLurl: In this talk we will be introducing a brain-machine interface technology which allows one to control their avatar movements in the virtual world of Second Life. This technology was developed for people suffering with motor dysfunction and has now been successfully tested on actual patients in collaboration with a few domestic hospitals. Based on numerous findings in Neurosciences, have succeeded in electronically obtaining intentions of turning left and right, and foot motions, from the surface of a subject’s head via electrodes. An originally developed signal processing algorithm and a system-on-a-chip circuit automatically translates these electronic motor intentions to the USB keyboard signals, which then controls the avatar movement. During this presentation we will be showing a sample movie demonstrating a person with myopathy controlling his Second Life avatar using his brainwaves
21 Education Spotlight Roundtable 7/7/2008 6pm PT Intellagirl Tully ISTE Education ISTE Island SLurl: