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SLDev Traffic

sldev-traffic no 11

sldev discussions through May 11, 2007

Cleaning Up the Linux Build

Alan Grimes posted a patch aimed at using standard system-provided headers for more of the Linux build. He specifically named GL headers, noting that the current redefinition of GL types is dangerous. There was no follow-up discussion, and no indication that a JIRA was created for the patch. Despite an initial difficulty in posting the patch, the patch is now archived here:

Debian and OpenSUSE Packages

Paul Hampson is working on a .deb packaging of the viewer -- this should work for Debian and Ubuntu alike. The repository is at although it appears that at present, only a PowerPC build exists. There was no further discussion about the package or whether other processor builds would follow from Paul.

Rob Lanphier (Linden) spoke with Seth Arnold from SuSE about using the OpenSUSE build service, which allows users to build software for multiple distributions on SuSE's own servers. Marc Dietrich used the service, producing RPMs for OpenSUSE, and also expressed the intent of producing Fedora and Debian packages in the future. The existing packages can be found here:

Filing Bugs with Ambiguous Categories

Alissa Sabre asked what should be done when filing a bug that seemed to cover more than one area of functionality, giving an example of one bug that could arguably be an internationalization bug, a UI bug, or even a graphics bug. Rob Lanphier (Linden) noted that it's possible and acceptable to select multiple categories. Rob also asked for a volunteer who might document the reporting process, offering to link from JIRA to a suitable writeup on the wiki.

Command-Line History Patch Accepted

Zi Ree's patch for command-line history went in, received a few votes, got noticed, and boom - in it goes. Tofu Linden acknowledged that the patch had been applied to the maintenance branch after some brief on-JIRA discussion between Zi Ree, Tofu Linden, and Torley Linden. As Elbereth Witte said on VWR-671 -- "awesome."

The absolute best way to get a patch accepted is to follow Zi's procedure of posting the patch to the JIRA and including a note on the mailing list. List members can vote the bug upward after review, and the JIRA will be mentioned on SLDev-Traffic as well.

Cursor Position Patch Accepted

Zi Ree posted another patch as VWR-682, which maintains a cursor X position when scrolling past short lines in a multi-line text box. Tofu Linden reviewed and committed the patch. Thanks again, Zi!

Automatic Name-Filling on Object Abuse Reports

Tateru Nino filed VWR-597 requesting that when filing abuse reports against objects, the owner's name be filled automatically. Jacek Antonelli attached a patch to this JIRA that accomplishes this, as well as auto-filling the abuse reportee's name when selecting an avatar. There was no further discussion on the list.

Privacy Pockets

There is an ongoing discussion about "privacy pockets," also JIRA'd at SVC-205. The discussion does not look to have settled yet, so I'll document this further next week. In brief, the concept is that users would like to be able to create pockets of space that can only be seen and heard from within the pocket. These would reside at the top of the buildable range on parcels flagged for pocket participation.