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sldev discussions through July 8, 2007

Building LLMozLib

Able Whitman inquired as to why LLMozLib source isn't included with the viewer source, as building against the current libraries is problematic with Visual Studio 2005. Phoenix Linden points out that building LLMozLib is somewhat difficult, but points to source here:

Instructions for building your own are here:

Building under Visual C++ 2005

Thomas Rowland had trouble building under Visual C++ 2005, also stating the need to disable LLMozLib. Thomas had further trouble, which Nicholaz pointed out as a missing postbuild step of indra.y in the debug configuration.

Of note, debug isn't actively maintained and most Lindens use releasenoopt (release build, no optimizations). The debug build may have other problems still.

JIRA Pain - Resolved?

There were a number of comments about continued JIRA pain. Subsequently, there was some downtime for a software upgrade, which seems to have mitigated problems somewhat. If problems continue, ask for the JIRA for the company hosting our managed JIRA. ;)


Callum Lerwick noted that adding -Werror to the build flags was causing problems under Fedora. Sardonyx Linden wasn't seeing the same problems, and Callum believed he'd tracked the warnings he was seeing down to the -Wp,-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 flags.

Matsuu Takuto offered a patch to disable fortify, but Sardonyx expressed that he'd prefer to fix the code with warnings instead. "It's the responsible thing to do."

IDE for Linux

Dereck Wonnacott, inspired by Nicholaz Beresford's involvement, wants to get involved but is looking for a good development environment. Callum Lerwick advocates good old vim, but while Dale Glass reports good success with kdevelop, which may feel more home-like for those with Visual Studio experience.

Dale also encourages the use of doxygen for learning and navigating the source. For those who may not know how to run it themselves, Dale hosts a set of doxygen-generated docs at .

Code Cleanup and Performance Patches

Blakar Ogre is looking at performance, and has offered two patches. The first is against lltree/lloctree, where methods were declared virtual that are never used in a way requiring polymorphism. The second creates reduced versions of addTextureStats that can be inlined, and which cover the simple way in which the method is used most of the time.

Blakar reports a 2-3% speedup under Visual Studio 2005.

Thanks for readin'!