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SLDev Traffic

sldev-traffic no 22

sldev discussions through July 29, 2007

Which Grids for Testing and Developing?

Paul Nolan asked which grid he should use for Historically, Agni was the main grid, Aditi was the beta grid, and Uma was available for open source work. Joshua Bell (Linden) answers that Uma has been repurposed for some internal work, and shouldn't be needed anymore. After "message template liberation," 1.18 should be able to connect to Aditi.

Including 3-Clause BSD License Code

Dale Glass, looking for the best way to parse a date string provided as an ASCII string, inquired about adding some 3-Clause BSD licensed code to the viewer. There was some discussion of work-arounds, and Liana Linden promised to discuss the question internally.

On-List Patch Review

Hamncheese Omlet posted a patch meant to address VWR-423 and VWR-1187, asking for feedback. Nicholaz Beresford and Alissa Sabre offered some feedback on the code, and on the patch production method. Hamncheese followed up with revised editions of the patches with marked improvement.

It's great seeing sldevers peer-reviewing patches. Thanks to the three of you. :)


Boroondas Gupte asked about difficulty with the source, wherein her build didn't have any sound. Dale Glass notes that OPENSOURCE=yes is now set by default. The OPENSOURCE=no option must be set to build an encumbered version of the viewer.

GStreamer Video Support

Tofu Linden notes that GStreamer video support is hitting the viewer. Linux users rejoice: Enjoy some in-world video. :)

Dana Fagerstrom, mastermind behind the Solaris port, notes that this will be a win for Solaris as well.

Bugs Reintroduced in First Look

Gigs Taggart and others noticed that some bugs had been re-introduced in the First Look viewer. We found a botched merge which caused this, and the bug should be fixed in current First Look builds.

Internationalization Triage

As residents have been contributing an increasing number of internationalization projects, fixes, and JIRAs, Iridium Linden is the newest to offer a targeted triage session.

Keep an eye on the Bug triage page in the wiki to see the agendas of upcoming triages. The Internationalization triage is tentatively scheduled for the last Friday of every month, and can pick up as the pace of submissions picks up.

First Look Chatterbox

There have been a lot of negative reactions to the new communication chatterbox panel in the FirstLook viewer. This will be what ships in the first voice release, however the bHear team will endeavor to push the source out in sync with the official release of the voice client, if not just before.

Thanks for readin'!