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sldev discussions through August 5, 2007

Philip Rosedale OSCON Video

Dzonatas Sol posted a link to a video of Philip's talk at OSCON:

The video includes what may be the most nighmarishly awkward speaker introduction ever. The host had a pretty strange focus, and seemed to keep it in mind through the whole talk. Paging Dr. Freud...

Building with Visual Studio 2005

There was some concern about the status of Visual Studio 2005 support in last week's Open Source office hour. Regular SLDev readers are aware that LL are still using VS2003 internally for some legacy library support, and will - unfortunately - likely continue doing so for a bit longer.

VWR-1151 contains community-updated VS2005 project files however, so all is not lost. Between this and the standard building instructions, builds should continue to be possible.

Even if LL aren't using 2005 internally yet, please do feel free to post JIRAs and patches for source discrepancies, and continue to look to the community-maintained project files attached to the above JIRA.

Apologies, and Voice for Linux

As pointed out on sldev, the blog incorrectly stated that voice was open, and the MOTD suggested that voice was fully supported. The voice daemon is closed source, not open. Further, Linux is not yet supported. Few of us would choose a closed-source or platform-limited solution where an equivalent open source solution exists, and I'd like to apologize for any confusion the blog announcement or MOTD caused.

It's far less than ideal, but the voice daemons do function under WINE, and some code exists that allows the viewer to connect to an already-running daemon. IA32-capable Linux users can still run the SL viewer natively while using the Windows daemon thanks to a patch by Dale Glass, which activates this code. It's attached to VWR-2041.

LL is pushing on a native Linux daemon, as even in the viewer's "unreleased" state, nearly 1% of our active residents use Linux.

Chatterbox UI Work

A number of projects are under way for upgrading the new chatterbox UI or reverting to components of the old. One of these is Matthew Dowd's VWR-1917, which displays separate friend and group list windows so that they can retain the past vertical aspect. As always, please be encouraged to bring these up during Benjamin Linden's office hours. The surest way to see these types of patches accepted is to ensure that they cover any concerns that our usability guru might raise on seeing the patch... the fact that he holds Office Hours makes that an easier task.

Thanks for readin'!