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SLDev Traffic

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sldev discussions through August 12, 2007

Meet Steve Linden

Steve Linden will be at this week's open source office hours. Steve heads up Studio Shiny, which will be increasingly interfacing with sldev and pJIRA contributors. Show up Thursday if you'd like to meet Steve and ask questions. As always, you may also add items to the open source meeting agenda. See you there!

Viewer Freezes

Gigs Taggart reports seeing periodic viewer freezes since These lock up all of X (Xorg) under Linux, then resume again after 20 seconds or so. Other residents and Lindens have been seeing this on all three platforms. Extra eyes would really help here. Gigs created VWR-2044 for any feedback or patches, and Steve Linden noted that "we are in the process of re-architecting the Viewer main loop and startup sequence to be able to detect infinite loops and deadlocks," promising more information about that later.

OpenJPEG: Now with 25% More Zoom

Callum Lerwick reports an additional 25% increase in OpenJPEG performance, with patches at his website. He adds, "Use the openjpeg.series to get them in the right order."

Additional details can be found in the original post. Callum indicates that he's contributed the patches upstream, but that the team still seems to be using Visual Studio 6 which is a potential sticking point.

Listmembers hashed out some additional portability issues. There hasn't been mention of a SL-directed patch just yet; Callum is encouraging others to download and test test test!

Non-x86 Linux SSE

Paul Hampson notes that the Linux build script tries to build some files with SSE options that are incompatible with compilers for non-x86 architectures. Dzonatas Sol points to SConstruct rearchitecting work she's been doing to make it easier to change platforms and compilers alike. Dzonatas says, "Takes awhile to test/redesign a build system. I hope we can combine effort." If you're working on a non-x86 system or additional OS port, this could be worth a look.

Discussion continues on list with other SSE portability discussion taking place in the "Linux non-x86 SSE build script" thread and its children. The list history is browsable.

Second Life Subversion Repository

We're getting better at synchronizing tarball drops with subversion updates. If you're working from tarballs, you may save a lot of time on updates by shifting over to subversion, with the subversion update generally happening the same day as the tarball drop. Read more about the subversion Version control repository on the wiki.


Joshy Squashy - one of the more unusual names to appear on SLDev - is looking for guidance on implementing a standard treeview control. He notes that the treeview in the inventory panel is tightly coupled to inventory code, and so is not a good candidate.

If anyone is interested in working with Joshy or giving feedback on how inventory could be cleaned up, the thread began here.

Downtime for JIRA/Wiki

There is planned downtime for the public issue tracker and wiki at 9pm PDT nightly while the services are restarted. This will continue until some resource leaks are investigated. Both are victims of rapidly increasing use. As with many things in software: works fine until people use it.

Thanks for readin'!