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SLDev Traffic

sldev-traffic no 9

sldev discussions through April 27, 2007

Quiet Week

There weren't any hot issues on the list this week, and most visible efforts were focused on Rob Lanphier's (Linden) bug triage sessions. This made for low volume on the list this week.

Third-Party Client Logins

Answering a request from John Hurliman, Ryan Williams (Linden) detailed a new parameter added to the login.cgi xml-rpc schema. "channel" may be an arbitrary string identifying a client. At present, specifying a new channel will allow a third-party client to log into a grid without its version number being checked. This will prevent artificially rejecting clients which may still be compatible with the grid. is a Patchy Client

Rob Lanphier posted the viewer, which will only work on the beta grid at present. For people compiling without libxul, Tofu Linden's patch was included with the announcement.

Of note, the fonts are now in the platform-specific library files in order to consolidate assets with like licenses.

VS 2005

The Lindens are not generally working with Visual Studio 2005 yet. James Cook (Linden) explains that one of the server libraries isn't available in 2005 format at present, and LL employees use the same environment for the server and viewer alike. Those who are having Visual Studio 2005 build issues can find help at VWR-259 until LL are ready to change over to 2005.


The next bug triage is coming up Monday at 3pm SLT at Rob's office in Grasmere🖈. The notes for this triage are available at 2007-04-30. Even if you aren't a seasoned developer, helping with the triage is a great way to get involved and learn more about the workings of Linden Lab and Second Life alike.

Unit Test Harness - Patch 6

New from Adroit this week, Gaurav Sharma posted the sixth unit testing patch. The message and patch can both be found in the SLDev archive.

Solaris Life

Dana Fagerstrom from Sun has continued work on porting Second Life to run under Solaris. The viewer now runs, and Dana even posted a snapshot. Curious? Have a peek!

Rob Lanphier invited Dana to submit the patches required to make the viewer compile under Solaris with an eye toward including them in the main repository. Dana indicated that the changed fileset is minimal, which is a promising sign.

A heartfelt Welcome to the Family, Solaris. :)