SL Birthday Exhibitors/Group Chat Rules

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If you're in the In World Group for Second Life Birthday, you agree to follow these Rules, anyone who busts the Rules will be warned, and directed to the Rules Wiki Page and anyone who Repeatedly busts the Rules may face Group Ejection.

(1) Spam & Advertising

Advertising within the Group is not permitted*. This Includes Pasting SLUrls and Ads for your Club, Party or Store. Spam within the Group is not permitted. Spam is any chat that is sent to the group repeatedly, chat that fills the Communication Box with no meaning, or has no relevance** to the Event at all.

(2) Abuse

Anything said in chat that is Abusive or Insulting towards another Resident (or Linden) will not be permitted. You are expected to follow the Community Standards.

(3) Criticism

Constructive Criticism is great for improvement, however criticism does not belong in the Group Channel. Anything that will lower group moral within the group or anything that is said which is negative towards a person, exhibit or the event is not acceptable in the Group Channel.

*Advertising of Keynotes and Events withing the Second Life Birthday Sims may be Permitted.

**General Chit Chat in a Friednly way is OK, such as "Hello, how are you all?"