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Orhalla Zander


SecondLife Hobos have a long history in Second Life and the group originates from Calleta's Hobo Railroad and Information Hub. Several of Second Life Hobos still stay at the Calleta sim to welcome and assist new residents. Another group is rapidly constructing Hobo Island. Hobo Island is not as a replacement for Calleta but allows the Second Life Hobos to expand their activities in social networking, teaching others, providing an outstanding sand box, and in reducing bothersome lag.

Total Group Members:


Mission Focus & Statement

  • Main Focus: Exploration
  • Second Focus: Freebies
  • Other focuses: New Resident Basics, General Help, Classes, Building a Friendly Community
  • Keep it simple.

We are the vagabonds of Second Life whom band together for improvement, education, creation, entertainment, and goals despite our creeds or appearance. We do not care if you're a human, or a furry, or a tiny, or a merc, Gorean, cyberpunk, Victorian steampunker, speak a different language as we do our best to be friendly to everyone that needs a helping hand on our travels through Second Life.

Hobo Island is an exciting sim, and although persistent griefing will not be tolerated, the atmosphere of the sim is based on the golden rule - Treat others as you wish to be treated. Second Life Hobos are a tolerant community and a wide variety of views are held by community members. The community welcomes new second life members just learning basic skills as well as "old timers" with a wide variety of talents and skills.

Hobo Island is committed to open source scripts, and wishes to share its creations with all by encouraging a free to copy, free to transfer, and free to modify environment.

Locations to Find Us:

Location: Calleta's Hobo Railroad Infohub

  • There are basic help tutorials here.
  • There are lots of helpful freebies here such as texture bundles, language translators, and just plain out fun freebies.

Location: Hobo Island

  • Hobo Sandbox (place for building/scripting/racing/classes)
  • Hobo Events (periodic live performers such as Musicians, Actors, Comedians/ changeable area for special holiday events and games)
  • Game Space for good old fashioned board games like scrabble, monopoly, chess, checkers, etc.
  • Hobo City (exploration with a sewer, subway, city level, various buildings)

-Just about everything that the builders have built on the island will be full mod and free to copy to all. One of the first originally built up from scratch islands that anyone can take home with them. Where they will rez it? I don't know.

Group Representatives:

Group Documentarians:

Requirements to Join

The only requirement is that the applicant try to be an ethical and decent human being to other residents in SL by being helpful and respectful instead of being destructive and aggressive. Hopefully, when you do something nice for someone they pass it on, and maybe it passes on yet to another person, and maybe it comes back to you in a good full circle. If you think you can abide by the above stated, just contact a group member and they will find someone with the authority to invite you to SecondLife Hobos.

Projects / Memorable Triumphs / etc.



Currently there is a ton of collaboration at the Hobo Island. We encourage collaborative builds and we constantly incorporate new ideas to the construction of the sim. We constantly seek to improve our environment and extend the benefits to our community.

We are developing model Welcome Centers to serve as entry points for newcomers. We will select one of these for use on Hobo Island. These entry Welcome Centers will provide information and contacts for newcomers selected to fit particular interests -- writers, business meetings, theater, for example.

Special Demonstrations

We are setting up demonstrations to show possibilities not commonly used in SL. Examples:

  • Creating island surround with huge prims.
  • Web on a prim to present web-controlled displays.
  • Holodeck to offer easy-change builds.

Memorable Triumphs

  • Building a cardboard box.
  • Winning a SecondLife info hub to construct and maintain.
  • Noticing several people joining the SecondLife Hobos.
  • Noticing the people that joined couldn't have been a better group of people.
  • Constructing an island together with all these imaginative and creative people.
  • Hobo Island Grand Opening
  • Making an edit :)

Networked Groups

We keep our members in touch with these groups through joint memberships, teleporters, and announcements about events in these groups:

  • Inksters (Writing)
  • Written Word (Writing, Publication)
  • Broadway Live Island (Theater, Entertainment, Performance)
  • Act Up Theatre Company (Theater Productions)
  • Valley Spirit Productions (Entertainment Productions)
  • Language Lab (Learn New Languages in SL)
  • Autism Society of America in SL (Public service: Autism help)
  • Virtual Ability (Public Service: Help for Disabled)
  • VIT World Group (Business in Virtual World)
  • New Citizens, Inc. (Help for Newcomers)
  • RockCliffe Univrsity (Education in Real World)
  • Not Possible in Real Life (Quality Content)
  • Lauren Live (Comedienne)
  • Decision Support (Business, virtual meetings)
  • Broadway Live Performance Academy (Education in Theater)
  • Thinkerer Studios (Video making)