Second Life Coastal Waterway

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The Second Life oceans offer many fun places to visit and many kilometers of sailing and boating routes.

Public Rezzing Areas


Rez 001 002.png

Cortona (117, 41, 21)

Cortona (48, 197, 22)

Rez 001 006.png


Rez 001 003.png

Pieve (179, 104, 22)


Rez 001 005.png

Foligno (207, 13, 22) Tropical themed relaxation.


Rez 001 004.png

Gubbio (206, 48, 22) Tropical themed relaxation.


Rez buoy for wiki.png

Orvieto (85, 235, 20) The rez zone is marked with a buoy.


Leoming for wiki.jpg

Leoming (215, 70, 20) Pause on your travels for a frozen banana or other treats.


Warben for wiki.jpg

Warben (229, 161, 21) Collect the freebies scattered around, watch the flamingos, or wander north for some frozen treats.


Genstone for wiki.jpg

Genstone (243, 220, 22) Listen to the surf, throw a ball around, and play in the sand. Divers might enjoy the coral reef on the western side of the sim.


22.1.2016 NO LONGER EXISTS LucyHerne Resident


Pledder Beach.jpg

Pledder (67, 158, 22) Use the dock and rezzing zone for your boat, or just hang out by the fire or nap on a sunny afternoon in the lounge chairs and blankets. Grab a free scripted life preserver ring as a souvenir!


Emin marina.jpg

Emin (204, 51, 22) Rezzing zone and boathouse open to the public. Free life preservers, Diving gear and Sailboats. Relax and enjoy the scenery or rez a boat and explore the seas.


Denny rez.png

Denny (193, 182, 21) Rezzing Zone and cozy fishermans cottage, open to the public. Relax by a warm stove and listen to the seas breaking on the harbour wall. Safe harbour for all craft.


Pulciano rez.png

Pulciano (145, 103, 22) Rezzing zone and lighthouse open to the public. Climb to the top and light the signal fire. Dive down to the mysterious ruins of an ancient fort below


Galgano rez.png

Galgano (152, 110, 21) Rezzing zone and tropical atoll open to the public. There's something down there, below that green film on the water ... strange lights ... transmission breaking up…….


Perugia rez.png

Perugia (171, 147, 21) Rezzing zone at the piling platform and hang-out pod below. Experimental deep ocean wave power facility now in operation. Sustainable energy, but mind the thrust off those turbines !


Leximus 001.png

Leximus (84, 119, 22) Rezzing zone at the piling platform and evidence of some strange events in the rocks nearby !


Imona 001.png

Imona (72, 116, 21) Rezzing zone at the floating raft and dive gear available with which to explore the kelp beds, sunken forest and subaquatic hydrothermal brine pool below


Sarpesi 004.png

Sarpesi (191, 13, 21) Rezzing zone at the floating raft with dive gear available with which to explore the sunken fort at the end of the sand bank, and the surrounding kelp forest. Watch out for sharks !


Milio 002.jpg

Milio (39, 217, 21) Rezzing zone at the desert island, a raft seems to be drifting round the ocean looking rather lost, maybe you can catch a ride to the mainland ?


Vipiteno 001.png

Vipiteno (39, 38, 21) Primarily a deepwater trench, the Vipiteno area sports a string of linked islets along the western edge, including a rez zone and a view north to what appears to be a lonely sea locked spire of incarceration.


Kenosaki Island.png

Kenosaki (142, 191, 22) Kenosaki Island was created from the rim of an extinct partially underwater volcano. One side of the rim collapsed into the sea and was filled by the ocean, forming a perfect harbor. Rez a boat in the deepwater lagoon or camp out on the beach listening to the woosh-woosh of the waves. Grab a souvenir life preserver and float around the island or try your hand at borrowing a sea kayak. Everything on the island is free to use.



Dizadare (187, 73, 32)



Elhaddad (148, 126, 1)



Meltons (67, 60, 21)

21.1.2016 This is not a Rez Area. LucyHerne Resident



Montefalco (46, 189, 8)


Skradski fort.jpg

Skradski (187, 82, 24)



Soncino (59, 141, 22)

21.1.2016 The Rez Zone is in the North East corner of the sim.Soncino (230, 240, 9)



Urbino (165, 97, 22)

21.1.2016 This is not Rez area. LucyHerne Resident



Zanuggia (35, 194, 23)

21.01.2016 This is not a rez area. LucyHerne Resident.


Byeolgwadal (237, 46, 20)

The rez zone is marked with a buoy. Good diving here and in the seas to the north.



Hanshin (171, 182, 20)

Come see the ruins and explore the forgotten garden. The rez zone is on the west side of the island.

Hathor and Innini


Hathor (24, 58, 22)

Sit around a fire chatting with friends, snooze in a hammock, or grab some free gear and explore the reef.



Wardroom (73, 193, 20)

Relax and go fishing on this forgotten island. 'Ware the big fish down below!



Scar (33, 227, 20)



Mnemosyne (95, 66, 20)

Explore the mysterious workshop and view distant lands.



Ouranos (55, 186, 21)

Luna Brink

Luna Brink.png

Luna Brink (114, 61, 21)

Play checkers with a friend.


Atanua Marina.jpg

Atanua (33, 232, 21) Atanua Marina is a public rezzing zone for residents wanting to explore the southern continent (aka Satori or "the Japanese continent") Located off the western shore, it provides a waypoint for starting your excursion or also works as a rest stop along the way. Have a seat on one of the beach chairs or take a ride in one of the liferings.


Ciuacoatl Underwater Botanical Garden.jpg

Ciuacoatl (210, 231, 4) Located along the western coast of Satori, the botanical garden of Ciuacoatl is housed in an undersea dome. Full of terrestrial plantings, the garden is an enclosed habit and open to the public for meetings, gatherings, or just a relaxing stop along the way while exploring the coastal waterways. Outside the garden is a rezzing zone perfect for submarines, but works just as well for any craft. The dome itself rises from the seabed to a depth of 7m below the surface and is marked with a warning buoy.

21.1.2016 - Failed to find a rezzing zone around the dome although Kingpost on the nearby island does allow you to rez. LucyHerne Resident


Tuulikki Castaway Island.jpg

Tuulikki (22, 182, 22) Island features a secluded little hut, some supplies washed up on shore and a few other odds and ends. It's a good place to stop and watch a sunset or sit by the campfire at night awaiting rescue. (Not to worry, there is a rezzing zone for your boat too.)


Kingpost The Salty Mole.jpg

Kingpost (74, 156, 22) Aaaarrrrrr Matey! Avast all ye sailin' the high seas! Residents stomachs are aquiver when passin' through Kingpost, because they know a band of scurvy sea dogs be hidin' in their makeshift port there. They drink up at The Salty Mole and sleep it off in the Ye Olde Bunkhouse. Sometimes ye can see one peering from the crows nest and jumpin' on the zipline down to the tavern to warn his mates you're a comin'! Tie up at the docks only if ye dare! (Note: International Talk Like A Pirate Day is Sept 19th!)