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This list is maintained by Second Life™ (SL) educators as a resource for the community, and includes:

Links to websites with information and videos about education in SL
SLURLs - "teleport" hyperlinks that lead directly to locations in the virtual world (VW)


Email lists and groups are free; listen to the conversations or join in. Make connections with others sharing best practices, common mistakes, and quick tips. Questions asked to the group draw on many years of experience.

Virtual World Skills

With time and effort, one can improve the ability to navigate and build content in the virtual world. The following can help.

General Information
Places in Second Life

Education in SL


Campuses and Communities

Non-Profit / Community


STEM and Astronomy
Biology and Health
Geology, Oceanography and Natural history
Social Science and Humanity

Other Science and Health Resources


Sites/locations that do not fit the categories above yet may be of interest.