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Out of Date

The volunteer information on this page is now out of date and will be kept for historical purposes. Please do not update information on this page.

Not everyone wants personal goals for volunteering, but some do! If you would like to announce a personal goal, please feel free to do so below--maybe you'll find others with similar goals and can work together!


Date: 03/08/08

Name: Uva Oxide

Goal: Search / Creative content tips, how to help new users and people who have tried other networking sites on the web find 'things to do' that matches their interest. Besides the learning to navigate and communicate curve in SL, I think a lot of newbies get in world and then they go "huh? what am I here for? Is this a game? I don't get it ? and they wander around looking for stuff to do, and get lost or trapped behind some clear prim wall and don't come back.

Progress: It has gotten a lot better, gallery lists, events, groups and search have improved since I was a newbie, but still not everybody likes "shopping" or "parties?" not that these things are totally un-fun, I've had much fun at a few dance type events, they just aren't at all why I log-in, for me and a lot of folks like me it's all about culture, literature and art. And maybe for others it's philosophy or scripting or cross sim car races, who knows etc... to the limit of your imagination etc..

Related Links: SL groups/ Things To Do Number of members: 979 (see I'm not alone :-)


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