Second Life in 2002

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Second Life in 2002

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The world



Technical Changes

With viewer version 0.2 the Lab introduces the message of the day (MotD) during login. The logins become case sensitive and crash reports are now automatically generated with the new crash reporter. Linden Lab also invents make-up in this version, added shadowing to clothing and scripts learned how to identify flying avatars and scripted objects on avatars. (Read the release notes here...)

Linden Lab

Press releases

  • February 11, 2002: Linden Lab Debuts, Company Dedicated to 3D Entertainment - Linden Lab Kicks Off DEMO 2002 Conference With Exclusive Preview Of New Entertainment Service Driven By 3D Streaming Technology (read more...)
  • April 16, 2002: Robin Harper Appointed Linden Lab Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development (read more...)
  • October 30, 2002: LindenLab Announces Name of New Online World 'Second Life(TM)' And Availability of Beta Program (read more...)

News coverage

  • February 19: Tech Live Staff writes on TechTV: A Story of Virtual Creation - 'LindenWorld' breaks away from other online multiplayer environments by focusing on construction, not destruction. (read more...)
  • May 13: Don Clark writes in The Wall Street Journal: The World Builder - Philip Rosedale is ready to create a whole new kind of universe. And he wants you to help him. (read more...)
  • October 17: Justin Hibbard writes on Red Herring: Playing God - In LindenWorld, you are the creator. (read more...)

New Lindens

Images and Videos