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NOTE: this test reflects only the changes to object and parcel management in Jan. 07. It needs to be integrated with the existing selection test plan, Selection_Test


Parcels and objects will no longer be deselected as soon as the first operation on them completes. The selections now stay around until 'all' operations complete.

In general, test overlapping parcel/object operations in the following way:

  • start operation A
  • start operation B
  • end operation A
    • parcel/object should still be selected
  • end operation B
    • parcel/object should be deselected


Make sure that all parcel operations keep the parcel selected and can be completed (land purchased or sold, for example). Certain operations will silently fail if the parcel becomes deselected during the process, so it is important to carry the process through to selection.

Operations to test:

  • Buy Parcel
  • Sell Parcel
  • Edit Land
  • About Land


Ensure that as long as at least one operation is in progress, parcel remains selected. For example, right click on parcel and select edit terrain. Then right click on the parcel again and select about land. Close the edit terrain window. The parcel should remain selected. Close the About Land window. The parcel should become deselected. Right clicking on another parcel when either window is opened should select a new parcel and the windows should reflect the new parcel's information.

esp. check parcel media section and changing the media texture


Ensure that all operations that require an object selection can be completed.

Operations to test:

  • Edit Object
    • Object manipulation tools (translate, rotate, scale, etc)
  • Sit on Object from a distance
  • Attach / detach objects
  • Open Object contents
  • Buy Object
  • Buy Object contents
  • Inspect object


As before, make sure that overlapping object operations keep the object selected until every operation is completed. The object should be highlighted with an orange highlight as long as only a pie menu is open for that object. Any other window should display the object highlight in yellow and blue.