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About Us

The Shelter is a non-profit recreation center for New Residents and Supporters of New Residents. Our Mission is to provide a positive & supportive environment for those looking for one in our overwhelming world. Whether you are looking for a place to socialize, play fun and exciting games, watch informative movies, listen to the latest live musicians, explore the world via hot air ballon, or sell your newest creations, the Shelter has what you're looking for!

We are the oldest resident-ran help organization in continuous operation since August 2004.

  • Founder: Travis Lambert
    • Note: Shelter Coordinator Board is in charge, led by FireEyes Fauna & Reina Quine
  • Mission Focus: New Resident Basics

Shelter Structure

Current as of August 1, 2008

Shelter Representatives


Shelter 001.jpg

the Shelter - The main area of the Shelter, and default teleport landing point for Isabel, is the hot spot for laid-back friendly fun! Arranged to provide optimal socialization opportunities with multiple dance floors and seating areas, both residents eager to be in the middle of the action and those happy to remain at the fringes of it are well catered to. Our famous line dance offers a popular way for solo visitors to instantly join the action and make new friends, while a multitude of dance options awaits visiting couples with our unique rezzer of partner dances. Ample seating and lounge areas are located throughout. Being the hub of the Shelter, volunteers and dedicated regulars are always present to greet and assist new SL residents who stop by; our Freebie Corner, helpful notecards, weekly event calendars, and categorized wall of landmarks are located here. Whether you're an oldbie looking to kick back, relax, and chat with friendly fellow residents, or you're a new resident looking for guidance and answers, there's something for everyone at the Shelter!

Shelter 004.jpg

Shelter Pool - The Shelter's beautifully landscaped outdoor patio area is host to our popular and longstanding Saturday Night Pool Party, but always open for any resident wishing to explore and relax! The patio's offerings range from mellow to wild; our large pool is equipped with a dangerously tall waterslide, a diving board, and steerable inner tubes that can fly through the water at impressive speeds! In contrast, there's also a soothing hot tub and numerous lounge chairs for residents to relax in. The wall opposite the hot tub houses a vendor packed with FREE swimwear for both male and female residents!

Shelter 005.jpg

Shelter Theater - Looking to learn more about Second Life? We provide in world access to Torley Linden's Video Tutorials at our theater. We have also served as a co-location for many in-world media events.

Shelter 002.jpg

Shelter Event Stage - All of the Shelter's unique game show events are held here; from trivia-centric brainteasers Payment Podium and Trivial Obsession to our engrossing game of puzzles and chance, Second Fortune, our hour-long game shows offer entertainment, conversation, and great opportunities for new residents to win cash and prizes courtesy of our generous sponsors! In addition to our 'SL prime time' scheduled shows, we also offer several 'Euro-Friendly' games held at times more suitable to SL residents located outside of the US. Visitors can keep tabs on the show schedules by searching SL event listings for "Shelter:", or by checking one of the numerous Event Boards posted throughout the Shelter

Shelter 006.jpg

Shelter Live Music Venue - One of SL's most celebrated innovations lies in its live music scene, with numerous RL performers bringing their talents to a digital presence for thousands of fans all across the grid. The Shelter's Live Music Venue is our own incorporation of this popular SL staple; our expansive ballroom and stage area is large enough to house up to the biggest group of music fans, while the decor and layout offer a more intimate atmosphere. Our live music events promise to bring everyone from widely known performers to fresh upstarts, in yet another fun offering bringing one of the best aspects of SL to all Shelter visitors both young and old. A schedule of our live music events can be found by searching the SL event listings with the "Shelter:" keyword, or by checking out the Music Calendar posted on the wall of the Venue!

Shelter 007.jpg

Lost Lakes Balloon Tour -

Shelter 003.jpg

Shelter New Resident Vendors - We at the Shelter aim to foster a smooth transition into the world of SL for new residents, and our New Resident Vendor Mall is one more way of ensuring that! Promoting creativity while offering technical guidance to new residents is key, since, as we all know, SL is based upon and built entirely by its own residents! Our mall offers FREE vendor spaces for any crafter whose SL account is 60 days old or younger. Our modest but structured mall area, located right behind the high-traffic Shelter Event Stage, showcases the efforts of new residents learning how to utilize the extensive SL content creation tools, as well as familiarizing themselves with SL's e-commerce and trade systems. Each interested new resident is offered their own stall and 90 days under their free contract within which to display their self-made goods to the world!

New Resident Friendly Events