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This list of shortcuts is compiled to support the work of the UI devolopers. Please add shortcuts depending on your operating system.

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It's somehow dificult to take the Mac people into account at such a list, because of different keys. Since I don't own a Mac, I'm referring to User:Nava_Muni/Mac4NonMac#General and state that "In SL, the "option" key behaves like ALT - but don't ever think they are 'the same.' "

Shortcut SL Windows Mac OS X Linux (Generic) Linux (Gnome) Linux (KDE) Linux (Compiz)
A Turn left
B View > Build
C Crouch / Fly down
D Turn right
E Jump / Fly up
F Fly on/off
G Tools > Snap to Grid
H Tools > Focus on Selection
M View > Mouselook
S Walk backward
W Walk forward
Del Edit > Delete
Enter World > Chat
Esc View > Reset View
Home World > Fly
Page down Crouch / Fly down
Page up Jump / Fly up
F1 Help > Second Life Help starts the online help browser
F9 Toggle widget layer
Alt-↵ Return View > Toggle Fullscreen
Alt-↹ Tab Walk through windows. Walk through windows. Walk through windows.
Alt-F1 Access the Applications menu (←/→ to select other menus) Access the K-menu Show main menu (Applications menu or K-menu)
Alt-F2 Displays Run Application dialog. Displays Run Application dialog. Run Dialog
Alt-F5 Unmaximize Window
Alt-F7 Move window
Alt-F8 Resize Window
Alt-F9 Minimize window
Alt-F10 Maximize window
Alt-F12 Emulate the mouse using arrow keys
Alt-PrintScreen Copies snapshot of current window to clipboard Take a snapshot of the current window Take a snapshot of the current window
Ctrl-↹ Tab Walk through desktops.
Ctrl-Esc Opens the Start Menu Show table of running processes
Ctrl-` File > Snapshot to Disk
Ctrl-\ View > Look at Last Chatter
Ctrl-0 View > Zoom In
Ctrl-1 Tools > Select Tool > Focus
Ctrl-2 Tools > Select Tool > Move
Ctrl-3 Tools > Select Tool > Edit
Ctrl-4 Tools > Select Tool > Create
Ctrl-5 Tools > Select Tool > Land
Ctrl-8 View > Zoom Out
Ctrl-9 View > Zoom Default
Ctrl-A Edit > Select All
Ctrl-C Edit > Copy
Ctrl-D Edit > Duplicate
Ctrl-E Edit > Deselect
Ctrl-F Edit > Search...
Ctrl-G Edit > Gestures...
Ctrl-H View > Local Chat
Ctrl-I View > Inventory
Ctrl-L Tools > Link
Ctrl-M View > World Map
Ctrl-P Edit > Preferences...
Ctrl-Q File > Quit
Ctrl-R World > Always Run
Ctrl-T View > Communicate
Ctrl-U File > Upload Image...
Ctrl-V Edit > Paste
Ctrl-W File > Close Window
Ctrl-X Edit > Cut
Ctrl-Y Edit > Redo
Ctrl-Z Edit > Undo
Ctrl-F9 Toggle water effects
Ctrl-G Tools > Use Selection for Grid
Ctrl-H Tools > Zoom to Selection
Ctrl-P Advanced > UI > Print Agent Info
Ctrl-X Tools > Snap Object XY to Grid
Alt-⇧ Shift-↹ Tab Walk backwards through windows. Walk backwards through windows.
Alt-⇧ Shift-F View > Joystick Flycam
Alt-⇧ Shift-H View > Show HUD Attachments
Ctrl-Alt-Arrow down Film Effect
Ctrl-Alt-F1 Advanced > Rendering > Features > UI Switch to the first virtual terminal.
Ctrl-Alt-F2 Advanced > Rendering > Features > Selected Switch to the 2nd virtual terminal.
Ctrl-Alt-F3 Advanced > Rendering > Features > Highlighted Switch to the 3rd virtual terminal.
Ctrl-Alt-F4 Advanced > Rendering > Features > Dynamic Textures Switch to the 4th virtual terminal.
Ctrl-Alt-F5 Advanced > Rendering > Features > Foot Shadows Switch to the 5th virtual terminal.
Ctrl-Alt-F6 Advanced > Rendering > Features > Fog Switch to the 6th virtual terminal.
Ctrl-Alt-F7 Advanced > Rendering > Features > Palletized Textures Switch to the 7th virtual terminal
Ctrl-Alt-F8 Advanced > Rendering > Features > Test FRInfo Switch to the 8th virtual terminal
Ctrl-Alt-F9 Advanced > Rendering > Features > Flexible Objects Switch to the 9th virtual terminal
Ctrl-Alt-F10 Switch to the 10th virtual terminal
Ctrl-Alt-F11 Switch to the 11th virtual terminal
Ctrl-Alt-F12 Switch to the 12th virtual terminal
Ctrl-Alt-+ Change to the next X-server resolution
Ctrl-Alt-- Change to the previous X-server resolution
Ctrl-Alt-Arrow down Switch to desktop down
Ctrl-Alt-Arrow left Switch to desktop left
Ctrl-Alt-Arrow right Switch to desktop right
Ctrl-Alt-Arrow up Switch to desktop up
Ctrl-Alt-BkSpc Kill the current X-windows server
Ctrl-Alt-Del Shows a screen full of security-related options. Shut down the system and reboot
Ctrl-Alt-PrintScreen Snapshot of entire desktop
Ctrl-Alt-D Toggle "Advanced" Menu on/off Minimize all windows Minimize all windows Show/Clear Desktop
Ctrl-Alt-F Advanced > UI > Dump Focus Holder
Ctrl-Alt-G Advanced > Request Admin Status
Ctrl-Alt-L Advanced > Network > Drop a Packet Lock the desktop Lock the desktop
Ctrl-Alt-R Advanced > Character > Rebake Textures
Ctrl-Alt-S Toggle Window Shaded
Ctrl-Alt-T View > Highlight Transparent
Ctrl-Alt-V Advanced > View Admin Options
Ctrl-⇧ Shift-Esc Open Task Manager
Ctrl-⇧ Shift-F2 Advanced > Reload personal settings overrides
Ctrl-⇧ Shift-↹ Tab Walk backwards through desktops
Ctrl-⇧ Shift-0 Advanced > Consoles > Memory
Ctrl-⇧ Shift-1 View > Statistics Bar
Ctrl-⇧ Shift-2 Advanced > Consoles > Frame Console
Ctrl-⇧ Shift-3 Advanced > Consoles > Texture Console
Ctrl-⇧ Shift-4 Advanced > Consoles > Debug Console
Ctrl-⇧ Shift-9 Advanced > Consoles > Fast Timers
Ctrl-⇧ Shift-B Tools > Grid Options...
Ctrl-⇧ Shift-F Edit > Friends...
Ctrl-⇧ Shift-H World > Teleport Home
Ctrl-⇧ Shift-L Tools > Unlink
Ctrl-⇧ Shift-M View > Mini-Map
Ctrl-⇧ Shift-N World > Environment Settings > Sunset
Ctrl-⇧ Shift-O Advanced > Rendering > Object-Object Occlusion
Ctrl-⇧ Shift-P Advanced > UI > Print Selected Object Info
Ctrl-⇧ Shift-R Advanced > Rendering > Wireframe
Ctrl-⇧ Shift-S File > Take or Refresh Snapshot
Ctrl-⇧ Shift-T View > Hover Tips > Show Tips
Ctrl-⇧ Shift-W File > Close All Windows
Ctrl-⇧ Shift-Y World > Environment Settings > Midday
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-Del Admin > Object > Delete
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-- Advanced > Rendering > Types > Clouds
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-\ Advanced > Rendering > Types > Bump
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-= Advanced > Rendering > Types > Particles
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-0 Advanced > Rendering > Types > Grass
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-1 Advanced > Rendering > Types > Simple
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-2 Advanced > Rendering > Types > Alpha
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-3 Advanced > Rendering > Types > Tree
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-4 Advanced > Rendering > Types > Character
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-5 Advanced > Rendering > Types > SurfacePatch
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-6 Advanced > Rendering > Types > Sky
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-7 Advanced > Rendering > Types > Water
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-8 Advanced > Rendering > Types > Ground
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-9 Advanced > Rendering > Types > Volume
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-C Admin > Parcel > Set to Linden Content
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-G Advanced > Leave Admin Status
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-H Hippos!
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-I Admin > Object > Get Asset IDs
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-L Admin > Object > Lock
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-M Advanced > UI > Memory Stats
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-N View > Beacons
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-O Admin > Object > Take Copy
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-P View > Property Lines
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-T Advanced > Rendering > Selected Texture Info
Ctrl-Alt-⇧ Shift-U Advanced > Show Updates