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Tools for setting sit targets


These tools enable you to put a sit target in furniture so that people can sit on them without using poseballs.

There are advantages to poseballs

  • they're easily adjustable by the end user
  • the pink/blue/gray convention indicates whether the pose is feminine, masculine, or neuter
  • they're easy to set up

Regardless, there are times when we don't want them:

  • reduce visual clutter
  • reduce prim count (sometimes, usually not by much)
  • personal preference

These tools are generally limited to one avatar seat per prim.

As a workaround for the user-adjustment problem, consider putting sit targets in the pillows on furniture. Pillows are easy to adjust, but less visually distracting than poseballs. Furthermore, you can make up your own color or texture conventions for indicating masculine/feminine, and most people will catch on.


Easy Sit Target Positioner -- Freeware, available at for L$1

Find it here at XStreetSL: [1]

This is a setter script you install in the seat prim, with a 'helper' object you sit on to adjust your position, then touch the seat to set the target. You can leave the setter script in the seat. It supports multiple anims, selected using shift-arrow while seated. Alternatively, it chats a sit target that you can put in another script, to replace the setter script.


sit targets are lost on shift-copy

A sit target is a prim property, just like particle systems and floating text. Once you set these properties (from a script), the script can be deleted and the property remains. If you rez a copiable object, it retains all prim properties.

However, if you shift-drag a copiable object inworld, most prim properties are lost in the copy (the one that gets left behind when you drag).

Therefore, if you use a script to set a sit target and then remove that script, if the object is shift-dragged it will lose the sit target.

Currently, Easy Sit Target Setter is subject to this problem even if you leave the script in place, so don't use shift-drag to copy objects.