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This HowTo is written for version: 1.20 Viewer.


The transparent effect of the Pie Menus involves just one color entry, PieMenuBgColor.

In the Silver skin look of version 1.20, the greatest concern has been paid to legibility of the dark text on a light background. As discussed on this page, the text color used here is dependent unfortunately on whatever same color is used in the top-level menus.

You may prefer to see more of the world through the Pie Menu. The following modification will accomplish that-- however, note that it does make the dark text harder to read against a now fainter background.


Set a new value of PieMenuBgColor in the XML

In folder SecondLife\skins\silver\

Do not change anything in this file! This is the file which has the base entry for PieMenuBgColor: <PieMenuBgColor value="118, 156, 201, 230" />

Step 1. colors.xml

In this file (which will override the above values), paste the following as an entry between the <settings></settings> tags. This specifies a lower Opacity (or "Alpha") value of 150 instead of 230:

   <PieMenuBgColor value="118, 156, 201, 150" />

Step 2. Save the file colors.xml, and relaunch the SL viewer

To undo this color if you change your mind

  1. Open colors.xml as above, and delete the entry you made <PieMenuBgColor value="118, 156, 201, 150" />
  2. Save the file colors.xml, and relaunch the SL viewer

See Also

There is an interesting discussion and examples of "far out" Pie Menus on the Official Linden Lab Blog from 2007-10-11: