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We encourage new and existing Mentors to create a Wiki profile page for yourself on the Second Life Wiki so people can always find you. This is particularly useful for those with language abilities or other skills.

You can detail information about yourself and incorporate simple templates into your page which will automatically "register" your group role or abilities.

Log In To Create Your Profile Page

If you haven't already you must first Log In to the Second Life Wiki.
  • Click the LOG IN/CREATE ACCOUNT link at the top right of this page. Use your IN-WORLD name and your IN-WORLD password.
  • Once logged in, your name will appear at the top of the page. Click your name. It is a hyperlink which will take you to a page such as: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Your_Name and you will placed into EDIT mode (if the page doesn't exist).

Create Your Content
  • If you are familiar with Wiki's, begin creating your Profile Page. Even if you're not familiar with Wiki's, put something in there that you can think of and is pertinent to your role as a mentor. You can work on the formatting later.
  • In the very least, include the section on "Templates" below to register your skills and language abilities.
  • Review the next section for a sample wiki content. You can then customize from that point on.

Seek Help
  • You can also view the wiki markups of other people's pages, to see what they did to make their pages look the way they do. Edit the other mentor's page to view the markups, 'but do not save your changes to their pages!!!'.

What To Put Into Your Page

You'll need to think about what you're going to tell the other mentors and commit it in writing so it can be wiki-fied. Here is a sample markup

I'm YOUR NAME from Germany. I am dedicated to the Second Life Volunteer program as a TSL 2.0 Mentor.
My goal is to help make the Second Life Volunteers second to none.
I speak English and German and have the Mentor Buddy role.

This markup will give you a short and sweet introduction about yourself and let others know what roles you have in the TSL 2.0 Mentors group.

The strange markups allow you to be automatically registered in the various pages. The markups themselves are not visible, but they produce a nice navigation at the bottom of the page, with your name registered.

    * TSL Second Life Mentor     * TSL Mentor Buddy     * TSL Mentor Linguist


Language Templates

A list of common language codes can be found here. There are two common ways to form this template:

Template Description
{{ISO 639-3/cat-speaking|XXX}} This will establish your page as belonging to XXX-Speaking Residents group. Substitute XXX with the appropriate language code found on this page.
{{ISO 639-3/cat-speaking/Volunteers|XXX}} This will establish your page as belonging to XXX-Speaking Residents AND XXX-Speaking Volunteers groups. Substitute XXX with the appropriate language code found on this page.

If your language doesn't appear on the list of common languages, follow this link to to the Code Generator by User:SignpostMarv Martin.

NOTE: It is very important to remember that addition of your User Profile Page to the various roles DOES NOT affect your Second Life Mentor group status. That is, if you are not a SL Mentor Buddy in-world, designating yourself as one in your user profile page does not automatically add you as a SL Mentor Buddy in-world. You must apply for that status separately. Also, please do not mis-represent yourselves. If you are not sure whether you belong to a group role or not - ask another experienced Mentor (such as a Mentor Buddy).