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Can someone who was at this meeting elaborate on this?

Sexually explicit likely the largest piece - not talking about private, talking about what is publicly advertised to public; another category intensely violent activity, not simple shooting more like beheadings and torture; third category actual photographs nudity, pornography
  • What is "publicly advertised"? Search terms? Signs? Links?
  • Actual photographs OK or not OK in "non-public" builds?

-- Argent Stonecutter 22:48, 24 March 2009 (UTC)

"There's a blog post and forum discussions; goal is to "give users more control over their experience"; some residents simply don't want to encounter adult material and activities - meaning very sexually explicit; and some residents DO want it."

The forums response has been _overwhelmingly_ against a forced adult content move. There are indeed people who are in favor of it an adult continent but they are, by far, a minority. Of those in favor of an adult continent, a minority of them are in favor of forcing adult content to move to it.

Other questions being frequently asked by residents but not being answered by Linden:

  • If this is not about a teen/adult grid merge, why the renewed interest in having people age verify?
  • How is age verification via payment info going to give land owners peace of mind that visitors are RL adults when credit card companies say that their cards may not be used to verify age?
  • Adult places tend to be very high traffic - won't moving them all to a much smaller land mass destroy the performance of these regions?
  • How will complex builds be handled? For example, my 1/2-sim home is a neighborhood with 4 different owners, 5-6 different groups and about 15 different parcels. We will want to move together. Some of the build components are owned by people who have since left SL. Will Linden assist in this or do we need to start over and rebuild from scratch?
  • Why not create an adult continent AND a PG/G continent? Wouldn't that do a far better job of meeting the stated goal of giving residents more choices?
  • How was the 2-4% statistic established? Was Linden land (oceans, roads, welcome areas, help islands, etc) included in the calculation? Was land at auction included? How could you come up with such a number before having defined what 'adult' means?

-- Meade Paravane 15:25, 26 March 2009 (UTC)