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Alternative to netem: m0n0wall (+DummyNet)

This is great work, Gigs. One alternative to consider for those not inclined to set up a Linux box is m0n0wall, which is a nice distribution which includes web administration of DummyNet. The nifty thing about m0n0wall is that it can be run in two configurations that are potentially easier for Windows developers:

  1. As a VMWare image, which can be run with the free (as in beer) VMWare player
  2. with a cheap (~$250), low-power/profile Soekris box for those that are going to do a lot of testing and don't want to bog down their main machine. Not to mention, the Soekris boxes are fun toys for many other uses.

It's possible that netem can also easily be run like this, and I'm sure that in a year or two it'll be routine. However, it just wasn't as obvious in my quick searches, and I know that m0n0wall has been used like this for years. -- Rob Linden 22:41, 30 July 2007 (PDT)