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Apparently, these are getting split into pages by year - perhaps this page could be a redirector to the current year's page? TaraLi Jie 09:59, 18 January 2012 (PST)


"density must be between 1.0 and 22587.0 (in kg/m^3 -- see if you can figure out what 22587 represents)"


   "Osmium - 22,587 +/- 0,009 g/cm3"

apparently has the highest density. Since when did Second Life attempt to represent anything in reality? If this is Second Life shouldn't we be building objects that represent Second Universe? Then again we have 5 significant float digits and no object heirarchy.... nm, carry on!

I've tried to tell them to keep their "lindogram" when setting density's value, except it seem to confused them even more. We're better off using more actuate things where most people know them.


They are currently working, but I'd like to suggest making it better by not needing to enter in all of the float data if I was to use one data input for density or gravity. I'd suggest using list. (Same way as it's done with llSetPrimParam() function.) --Nacon-tag.jpg 01:40, 4 October 2011 (PDT)