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Hmm. Is anyone interested in putting some more information to this topic? i guess it is one of the most important topics to new sl-inhabitants. i just post some issues i am personally interested in, instead of asking someone in a forum, so anyone with a grip of sl can quickly post some comments. i think this wiki will become a more reliable database that way. for if i find answers in a forum, i may gather some know-how, but the spread will be a lot better if the information is listed in here.

my issues: you can do changes to your body parts and save them as new body parts in your inventory. some, like the eyes, have very sparse setting options (rainbow color, lightness and texture). are there different types of eyes with different options to change? or is there a basic eye and everyone who wants to have a different look needs to use attachments? how do users create avatars that do not have a human shape (dragon or the like) if you cannot take of body parts? is it possible to make the shape-part small and then use a bigger attachment? or is there some other way to do so. in other words: what are the limits of body parts? are different body parts only different settings to the same asset, or are there different basic types of body-parts (like human-shape, dragon-shape...)