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Hi, just commenting on the edits I just made.

Nearly all were small. A couple typos. A couple bit of grammar here and there, like proper use of colons and ellipses.

I did correct a half dozen or so misspellings, keeping in mind that the author wrote in the Queen's English, so to speak. When I recognized such spellings - for ex: "favour" instead of "favor" and "summarise" instead of "summarize" I left them in, as they are, in fact, correct somewhere. There were other misspellings that I did correct, not knowing if they were misspelled according to the author's location. An international take on spelling, grammar and tone would be best, but I am not that editor.

I did rephrase a couple sentences for better flow.

The only style change I made was to the last sentence of the gambling discussion. That and a personal disdain for excessive exclamation points.

The one major edit I made was regarding the author's claim of being charged certain fees by PayPal that they felt were unfair. I am not debating the validity of that claim, of course, but as the author rightfully omitted those details and PayPal can not defend themselves, I felt it was inappropriate to leave it in.

I thought it was a great article with as much that I agreed with as there was new information.

All this being said, I strongly disagree with the personal tone of the entire article, even with the bulleted disclaimers at the top of the article. A Wiki is not supposed to be a collection of Op Ed pieces, which this clearly is. This is especially true as we don't know the credentials of the author. Are they a successful SL business-person? I don't know, nor am I challenging them to prove that they are. But without those credentials, the personal tone is improper.

Lastly, this is not a proper "Frequently Asked Questions" page. Either the title or format should be changed.

ColonelKernel Biegeleisen 20:31, 15 May 2008 (PDT)

Thank you for your contribution to the SL Wiki. I don't think you need to mention all edits you did since they are viewable via the articles history. Just the ones which might turn into controversy or need further input need to be mentioned (while you're free to mention the others as well, of course. Just trying to save you some work.). This beeing said: a Wiki can be anything. Even personal. I think you might be referring to an encyclopedia and I would agree that it shouldn't be personal then. In case the SL Wiki would want to be somehow like an encyclopedia, an article referring to the author as "I" should be placed in the authors personal userspace. This article might be also in parts be doubled by Help:Second Life FAQ#How do I make money ? (not sure tho since I didn't read either ^^). But I also tend to think that a personal tutorial might be better then no tutorial... OK, so this is no reason to not move it since the this page would redirect to the moved one until someone changes it. Other opinions?
Greetz, --Zai Lynch(talk|contribs) 00:56, 16 May 2008 (PDT)