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A few points.

1) "When an object is scripted, emits particles, or moves around, the server has to do some work (running the scripts, calculating particle vectors, figuring out where the object is)." The reference to particles is plain wrong, isn't it? Particles are rendered client-side, so all the work of calculating the vectors and so forth is done on my PC, not by the sim, as far as I know.

2) "Number of scripted objects. Every time a script runs, it runs on the server. This includes particle effects, which include body attachments that emit particles, like "bling". Two points. First, the only things scripted objects are going to affect are other scripts, as far as I know, since there's a maximum amount of server time available to all scripts on the sim; if that time is exceeded, then it's the scripts that get lagged, not avatars.

And particles are a prim property that can only be set by script; once they're running you can delete the script and they'll carry on blinging away perfectly happily, as anyone who's ever tried to de-bling something finds out the first time they do it.

3) The tip is a bit misleading. You can easily affect the number of avatars your viewer renders by reducing the Avatar Mesh Detail in