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The paragraph

"Some people believe that the non-Linden Wikis should be abandoned, and that new contributions should not be added to the other wikis. They claim to be uncertain about the copyright status of contributions there. They also believe that only the wiki on is of clear copyright status, and that all contributions should be made there, as the other wikis are deprecated and likely technically illegal to host. Others disagree."

seems very passive-aggressive and biased towards this wiki. I do not see how a disagreement between unnamed people should be used to influence selection of a wiki. Unless the copyright worries can be better expressed, I think this should be removed and replaced by a link to a notice on copyright issues and arguments. If anyone strongly disagrees, put it back and let's discuss here. -- Never Rust

Why does this page exist? It doesn't appear that any pages link to it. -- Rob Linden 14:23, 4 March 2007 (PST)

Someone deleted it. I put it back. -- Lee Ponzu

Consolidating LSL knowledge

I know this has been perhaps beat to death already, but I would like some guidance on using the Wikis and the Forums. There is good information in all four places, and no single place is good enough. Personally, I think this *official* wiki has been made too complicated for mortals to contribute. I don't intend to learn all the templates and such so that I can add useful information.

I add information to the other Wikis all the time. It's easy.

I like Mediawiki, so this one and the one at RPG are best for me, but the one at RPG claims to only be a mirror or the one at, which uses some other wikki engine and seems old and creaky.

Can someone clarify this all for me, without resorting to name calling and authoritarianism 8-) 8-) -- Never Rust

There is a bit of a learning curve with the templates but they make the style consistent in ways that you just couldn't do otherwise. The templates actually make editing easier in the sense that the user doesn't have to worry about breaking the style, if it were a manual style this would be a very big problem. There really isn't all that much that needs to be learned about them, of the base templates you just set the values of the variables. Yes there are some advanced templates with zero documentation but they mostly don't need to be worried about or fiddled with, they are a convenience nothing more (if you don't want to use them, you don't have to).
Which ever wiki you choose to contribute to is your choice it will benefit the community. Quality information gets spread and ends up everywhere.
Yes, Wakka wiki is old, it's one of the early wiki engines. It wasn't my favorite wiki engine.
Personally I think the "some people" paragraph should be stripped because of it's low quality. Who are these "Some people"?
-- Strife Onizuka 01:43, 28 May 2008 (PDT)