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Remarks inspired by Toy Wylie:

  • llWhisper also cuts a lot of lag when it is possible (i.e. for furniture you sit on). Having the relay acknowledge commands with llWhisper to devices in whisper range would be great too. Of course if simpler antilag practices than the method I proposed exist, we should consider them before. However, I am not sure whether llWhisper can address every case.
  • One could be tempted to remove the !x-channel exchange by using channels that can be uniquely found out from the avatar key. However, this is not yet ideal: indeed as we need backward compatibility, we have to query the relays for their capabilities (or just try to chat on the alternate channel without querying, and fallback to RLVR channel after a timeout... which is not very good). Thus in our context, this method wouldn't be better than the !x-channel method.

Now, if we recommended that in ORG relays, !implversion returns the relay alternate channel, maybe we could scan avatars with !implversion instead of !version, and then use the alternate channel as suggested in the second approach. This way we would have both backward compatibility and avoid the need of a preliminary exchange. Moreover, in this approach, the relay wouldn't have to manage one listener per controlling device (well, usually the number of controlling devices is small... but... yes the script should become a lot simpler).

Well all this would be great if Marine hadn't made !implversion optional in 1.100. But how many relays who are not aware of ORG will actually switch to 1.100 and remove support for !implversion?

--Satomi Ahn 11:16, 12 June 2009 (UTC)

llRegionSayTo() caveat -- people should be aware of this nasty bug: llRegionSayTo Fails to send messages to attachments on sitting avatars. Innula Zenovka 10:07, 8 May 2011 (PDT)

Now fixed. Now there is little reason for keeping !x-channel anymore, except combined with wildcards for sending commands to a subset of nearby avatars. But maybe then this extension could be rewritten for this precise goal.--Satomi Ahn 09:10, 1 June 2011 (PDT)