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About Vertical Attractor and banking and considering a boat, it's wrong to say a boat always keeps its up-side up. If you pay attention on a boat's (a motor boat of course) behavior you will see that it depends on its size.

A small boat turns a bit like a motorcycle so that it leans into the turn while a big boat will turn more like a car so that in leans outside of the turn (slightly of course). So the VEHICLE_BANKING_EFFICIENCY value has to be negative for a big boat.

When we think about a car, a bus or a truck the behavior is the same except that we have to separate the steel frame from the wheels. the wheels, normally stay in contact with the ground while the steel frame leans outside of the turn. In that particular case, I don't know how SL manage the vehicle. Do we have to manage the steel frame by ourselves?

Colomben Bailey 13:27, 14 August 2008

This is not so much a vehicle tutorial as it is a vehicle-related function tutorial. I'd really like to see 1) a complete example script in this tutorial and 2) a little detail, at all, regarding how an agent engages the vehicle and disengages from it. Otherwise, great data.

Cylence Quine 21:18, 28 August 2008 (PDT)