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In SL Viewer 1.19.1(4) in a sim running, this command does NOT rotate physics objects.

Here's the script I was testing:

    touch_start(integer total_number)
        vector attitude = llRot2Euler(llGetRot());
        string msg = "Object attitude\nBefore: "+(string)attitude+"\n";
        attitude = <0,0,0>;
        attitude = llRot2Euler(llGetRot());
        msg += "After: "+(string)attitude;

Make a prim, put in script, rotate prim, click on it -> Prim returns to upright.

Make the prim physical, repeat the above -> Prim is NOT rotated back to upright.

Is this a bug, or am I misusing the function? And if the latter, could somebody please put me right? Thanks!