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If you'd like to help with a translation of this page, please operate as follows:

  • Browse to the page linked in the table as English page.
  • Press edit on top of the page and copy the content.
  • Browse to the page linked in the table as Polish translation.
  • Remove the text there and replace it with a Polish translation of the code you just copied.
  • Save your translation at the page
  • Browse to Main Page/pl, edit the page and replace the
    {{Main Page/SOMETHING}}


  • {{Main Page/SOMETHING/pl}}
  • Save your edit.

Thank you very much for helping! In case you got questions, you might contact a Mentor Linguist or reply to this talkpage.

English page Polish translation
Template:Main Page/About this wiki Template:Main Page/About this wiki/pl
Template:Main Page/Architecture Working Group Template:Main Page/Architecture Working Group/pl
Template:Main Page/Creation Template:Main Page/Creation/pl
Template:Main Page/LSL Template:Main Page/LSL/pl
Template:Main Page/Localization Template:Main Page/Localization/pl
Template:Main Page/Marketing Template:Main Page/Marketing/pl
Template:Main Page/Open Source Template:Main Page/Open Source/pl
Template:Main Page/QA Template:Main Page/QA/pl
Template:Main Page/Volunteers Template:Main Page/Volunteers/pl
Template:Main Page/Web Services Template:Main Page/Web Services/pl
Template:Main Page/Welcome Template:Main Page/Welcome/pl
Template:Open Source Portal/News Template:Open Source Portal/News/pl