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Trying to get a central area for information on future Mesh support. Don't know if this is the correct place for it, but at least it will get people interested.

Myself and every 3DS Max user I've talked to so far says that OpenCollada scrambles the texture coordinates in the mesh. I can tell you from my own exsperience it does make meshes untextable. I use the Austodesk FBX plugin available here: [1] I've had to talk several peoplt through finding the correct plugin fotr their version of 3DS Max. I can't reccomend the OpenCollada exporter for 3DS Max at all.

From the Mesh Dev group 10/18/10(posted here with permission of the participants): [12:07] Kitsune Shan: i get bugs with opencollada. it dont save my uv map. using the latest version of collada exporter from autodesk it works nice now

[12:15] Chipley Chippewa: kitsune, how do you update the collada plug-in on max's website? do you have a link [12:15] Kitsune Shan: yes [12:15] Jennifur Vultee: [12:16] Chipley Chippewa: and i'm trying right now to import the rigged mesh to 3ds max, imports with 5 errors, doesn't import correctly to aditi [12:16] Jennifur Vultee: uninstall open collada first though [12:16] Kitsune Shan:

Can we get a link to the latest development build?

(May 20 2011) I am finding the line "(as of 2011 February, 14 a Mesh Development viewer build is required. The "stable" Mesh Viewer is out of date and will provide invalid results)" really confusing. Nowhere else can I find any recommendation to use the Mesh Development Viewer instead of the Mesh Project Viewer, and the link provided does not lead to a simple download page. (Or the link to do so is not obvious; not everyone knows what Cygwin and Darwin are.) Ameli Choral 13:16, 20 May 2011 (PDT)

I agree, Ameli. Today there's the mesh user group meeting on the Preview Grid, could you add this topic to Agenda and ask about it during the meeting? In the meantime here's the Mesh Development Viewer Build download link I use.