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Since this is relying so heavily on the quicktime libs, does that mean that there will be no linux implementation for this media? - Peter Newell

Good question Peter. The new media framework doesn't really rely on QuickTime - rather, QuickTime is used to implement one of the classes of media. There is a different implementation for these media types on the Linux platform (GStreamer). The new Web based media type is (currently) implemented using LLMozLib which is fully cross platform. My intention is that any new media types in the future will be released on all 3 supported platforms simultaneously -- Callum Linden

The number one use I see with this is in dynamic text and form input, for all clients. -Peter Newell

I think that this all sounds great, especially the native support for additional media types. But many of the features you discuss here, and in the SLDev Forum, are already being done with LSL.

  • Specifically, auto-play. Many implementations use LSL to initiate auto-play of media when an avatar steps within range.
  • Specifically, multiple URLS on a single parcel. The ability to show different media streams to different avatars, at the same time, on the same parcel, is in use via LSL scripting. And if you really want, you can take advantage of Quicktime formatting and show multiple media streams to the same avatar, on the same parcel, at the same time.
  • Specifically, streaming media in a HUD. Although the parcel boundary still resets any parcel media currently streaming, we have a media HUD that works throughout any SIM that already has at least one SilverStream enabled. It works on all parcels in a SIM except "no-script" parcels.

I have video demos of the vHUD at In world examples and free samples available on the SIM named i3D. --Navillus Batra 07:45, 3 October 2007 (PDT)

  • A desire for higher scalability was mentioned under Project Justification. I'd like to see a few bullet points expressing the various dimensions in which you would like to see parcel media scaling better. I guess that number of media streams and larger populations are two implied dimensions, but presumably there are more. In the AWG's Scalability_VAG and in its more specific sub-VAGs, we're looking primarily at scalability under population pressure, but other areas are definitely of interest to us. Anyone with media interests would be very welcome in any of those VAGs. :-) --Morgaine Dinova 04:28, 28 October 2007 (PDT)

some points about the upcoming www/sl interface

"Samuel Linden Says: March 7th, 2008 at 12:01 PM PST

@115 - Very useful feedback. We are in the process of determining the feature set for Milestone 2 of the Media Project. I would urge you to add your comments to the wiki so that we can consider them in our discussions. "

I feel happy to obliege, so there:

Ok, this is about a release candidate, so here’s some actual input from myself:

Someone else allready mentioned this, and I hope LL listen to it:

It would defenitely be a wise move to give the clients full control about the degree web content is displayed, just as with a “real” browser. I mean things like allowing/disalowing scripts or cookies, displaying images or not etc. Do not assume all users will want the same settings and give them control over it. If someone means his way to browse is text-only, with no graphics displayed, let him have it.

I would even go a step further:

Also give the owner of the web-prim some advanced controls over how content is handled on the prim, this will become important when you go interactive (and I really do hope you will). Some options I think might be usefull:

- Link range: Are watchers of the prim allowed to follow links to other domains and things like that. Give the users the ability to make ppl browsing on a prim stay for example in the forum presented, or on the webpage of the shop or whatever. I know there’s only grownups supposed to be in SL, but there still might be people who want a forum presented without the possibility of people following links to, say, a pron-site.

- a domain whitelist/blacklist-option: Kind of an addition to the above, allow the prim owner to block domains completely from his prim or allow him to browse only listed domains.

- Grade of allowed interactivity: Is the prim “read only” or are ppl for example allowed to send forms over it and perform similar actions - I’m sure ppl will come up with reasons why that might be important ;) Imagine alone the “If someone does something bad online from a prim-terminal on my sim, to what degree am I responsible for it?” discussions this might kick off… ;)

- will users be allowed to interact with web content directly by clicking on it on the prim or will they have to use the ingame browser for it. While for many uses it will be great to be able to click on links directly on the 3d prim displayed you might want to display a page with small buttons or whatever and don’t want too many wrong clicks because someone was looking at the display from an angle.

I assume there’s more options like the above that would be greatly appreciated for a final client - I defenitely do welcome this first step into the direction of an interactive www-sl-interface. --Kruge Kubrick 13:48, 29 March 2008 (PDT)

Another thing: External media player support?

I want to come back to the media player issue once more.

What about the possibility to launch a media stream (music, movie or web) in an external viewer?

I, and as I know now, some other people as well, allready watch movies "outside2 of SL for different reasons. Apart from the fact that for windows 2000 users there isn't any other chance to watch movies at all in sl (quicktime stopped win2k support) other players (like, for example, vlc) have a much better picture quality. This isn't just cool if you have 2 screens at home. ;)

Since it's possible for everyone to see the media stream info anyways (over admin view): What about implementing the option to launch media in an external viewer into sl?

The default would be to launch media in sl, but over the preferences let users define external players they'd rather use.

PS: One of the positive side effects of watching a movie outside of sl: Last time I went to the cinema in SL the client crashed 3 times, each time blocking my relogin for several minutes. The movie, during the whole ordeal, never stopped playing once and each time I came back into sl I still was in synch with the other ppl there. ;)

--Kruge Kubrick 14:04, 29 March 2008 (PDT)