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Youri Ashton, I like that you're trying to help with this. What would improve this is simplifying the steps with clarity. Please see our Style Guide and edit the below. I also caution using the word "fix" in light of the complex, technical nature of the problem. Thanks! - Torley-favicon.png on 2009-11-18 @ 4:03 PM Pacific

Tips to solve "Prim flicker"

Prim flicker option 1 - Select 'Use Grid'
Prim flicker option 1 - Rezzed green prim
Prim flicker option 1 - Cloned Prim
Prim flicker option 1 - End result

This can be solved in 2 options, both options work but please do read the notes carefully!

Option 1 This is the most common used option to fix this problem

  • 1. Open the build menu and check "Use Grid" option, this allows "snap-to-grid" and most likely will solve your problem!
  • 2. Now rezz a cube, lets give it a green color to see it easier
  • 3. Make sure you keep the green-prim you made selected, now go back to the rezz prim menu on your build menu
  • 4. Now move the mouse to the green prim and create a new prim by left clicking on one of it's 'faces' (sides). You will notice it will rezz a prim directly adjoined to the green one, also in same color, shape and size. For short a clone (NOTE: this feature does NOT work always perfectly, you may need to redo this if you are in a laggy SIM. Also shapes like orbs, rings, torus, cylinders (round side), tetrahedron, piramid and prism will NOT always do this perfectly. Due to their shape it can not be done propperly. So know you do have to use the X,Y,Z possitions to place them on their possitions instead of using this option. Also modified cubes will have this problem. Basic rule is that almost everything that is horizontal, vertical and most of all flat will usually not behave in this way)
  • 5. Now make the second prim you just created pink, makes it easier to see if it worked.

Option 2 In case you want to downside the prim count, for lets say a arch in a wall, you can apply this little trick.

  • 1. Create a prim and make it this size: 0.500 x 3.000 x 3.000 meters (make it green as well)
  • 2. Now use option 1 to make a identical call next to it and next to that second prim as well. Now you should have 3 prims of same size, make the middle one pink
  • 3. Now we will work on a arch, we will use the pink prim in the middle. Select it and let's give it the next propperties: "path cutt begin and end" B = 0.375 - E = 0.875
  • 4. Make it also 50.0 hollow and set hollow shape to 'circle'
  • 5. You may notice now this is not looking good yet, you need to use the grid to set the arch propperly so you can walk under it.
  • 6. You will notice now that the pink arch prim is half of what a regular prim is, you can either make the prim longer, add 2 extra prims to make it a propper arch, or final make it hide partially in the walls next to it. We will do the last option. Set it's size to: 4.000 x 3.000 x 0.500
  • 7. As you can see now it's flickering trough the green wall prims. Now to solve this you can make it thicker or thinner. Making it thicker will not solve it without adding more prims, so we go for thinner. Now change 0.500 to 0.495
  • 8. You see now it's working now, however, this may not work on prims with alpha textures! (alpha textures are based on a 100% transparant texture, so it will show basicly what is inside as well).

NOTE: basic idea of this option is to resize the prim flickering trough your main prim with -0.05 Any smaller then this and this thick will NOT work

Prim flicker option 2 - Create a green wall
Prim flicker option 2 - Create 2 more walls
Prim flicker option 2 - Middle wall to arch and 'prim flickering'
Prim flicker option 2 - Resize arch and finish

Although these are probably not the only options, but most common options to solve this 'prim flickering' problem. The 'prim flicker' can also be solved by making prims slope slightly and other possible options.