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Is it ok to rewrite this page in a more general sense? Unfortunately it's now written from LL's perspective which makes it hard for non-lindens to expand the page.
I've now a pretty oiled way of profiling using AMD's CodeAnalyst and I could add useful info. I can even put a specific guide in the Wiki to describe how to compile in order to profile using CodeAnalyst.
CodeAnalyst is a pretty nice profiler (if you happen to have an AMD CPU):
- it's based on sampling so there's no speed degradation
- it supports all the events recent Athlon's and Opterons support giving you very interesting event based sampling
- it drills down to source code by itself (no need to have a compatible development environment)
- it's FREE
Sure CodeAnalyst has its quirks and I didn't immediately succeed to get it to profile binaries compiled with optimisation but once it runs it's great! Combined with Visual Studio 2005 Express one can build and profile SL for free on Windows.
There's a Linux version too but I haven't tested it yet.
--Blakar Ogre 14:17, 3 July 2007 (PDT)