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I have a few comments on the viewer that I think need to be stated, and according to what I've read in blogs and support forums, seemingly needs some attention. The machine I am currently running Second Life on is an Intel Core 2 Quad at 2.83 Ghz, ATI Radeon HD4870 graphics cards running in crossfire, 4 GB of ram running at 1333Mhz and Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit as the operating system. My problems are:

  1. Second Life Viewer does not correctly identify the processor, currently id's it as a Pentium III.
  2. Some versions of this viewer correctly identify the memory in BOTH graphics cards, while others recognize only one.
  3. The framerates I experience in world are rather lack luster, averaging around 10-15 fps, this version is worse than the last. I have "played" with every setting in the viewer to attain better performance, however never achieve much more than a 5 fps increase between the recommended settings(15-20fps) to ultimate settings with anisotropic filtering and 16x anti-aliasing (10-15 fps), sometimes with no noticable change at all. I do keep my computer up to date, and download the lastest Catalyst drivers when they become available.

So, I guess my question is, will there ever be a release in which the viewer is brought more up to date with current computing capabilities? Does any one know of an alternate viewer that does? or Am I just living in a pipe dream?

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