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Feature Requests

Hey folks: in the hope that the LL graphics devs check this page from time to time, I'd like to plug a few feature requests from the JIRA here.

VWR-1155 - The bumpiness feature has been built into the client for a long time and is occssionaly usefull but custom bumpmaps would make it more so.
VWR-2254 - Tintable shiny. I just added this one, I'd think it would be a fairly simple addition, probably a little obvious to someone who's worked with 3d materials outside SL.

Elle Pollack 16:17, 28 August 2007 (PDT)

The best best way is to get other residents to vote on those features. The overall vote count on the JIRA itself is what gets requests noticed. --Soft Linden 16:28, 28 August 2007 (PDT)

I'd like to suggest few things about polygons in SL. Most videogame developer knows that number of polygons DO matter a lot. Thus SL is laggy for wrong reason.

(created a feature post and linked)VWR-2260

  • (this one has been driving me nut) Turn the water down to a reasonable number of polygons. It currently has insane amount of polygon for no reason. 2 polygons should be enough since they are always flat. A lot of people are going to gain a good set of FPS from that. I'm not sure why LL is not seeing this, it's not even funny anymore.
  • Allow user to set a selected face to clear... by that, I don't mean hidden in alpha, that's retarded. The polygon are still there when you apply a whole alpha. How I know? I did a test with a extractGL import plugin and they still show as normal polygon. They should have another checkbox for TRUE clear, not alpha clear. However, when pressing Ctrl Alt T to see alpha surface, it should able to re-enable the polygon back on and hint them in other color (cyan?)
  • Allow user to set a prim grade level for LOD system. Ignoring if viewer's setting is high while the object is set to low for itself only. Hints... Rings, shoeslaces, earring, all that small stuff that doesn't need all their polygon since no one is really looking at them really close. I know I did cause I was starting to notice where the count was lagging me at.
  • Avatar's hair should able to be removed. Not Prim-hair, the normal hair that long-time users hardly use. To kill some polygons that is not needed.
  • Give us a 2-polygons Plane shape with tapers. We would like to use them than cube for shadow, picture, plants, huds, flat surface where you don't normally see the other sides for any reason. People would use clear and paper-thin prim torture method.... but the polygons are still there no matter how good we can get.

That's about all. Polygon-count do count. --Vincent Nacon 22:02, 28 August 2007 (PDT)

Regarding Preferences UI

When adding or changing the way the preferences are displayed in the UI I highly, highly, recommend limiting yourselves to at *most* 2 tabs. The current 3 tabs (or is it four now?) make it hard to find many preferences and often seem counterintuitive when looking for X which you'd think would be in Tab 1 but is actualy in Tab 2, etc. A simple "Graphics" tab with an "Advanced"/"Details" button that opens up a dialog with more options would be nice (this is the way most hardware graphics driver preferences do it). Keep it simple, PLEASE! We don't need 3 tabs confusing everyone! Oz Spade 13:21, 19 September 2007 (PDT)