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Discussion about Philip Lindens Speech 06/21/10 (SL7B/Philip-speech)

Thank you for your informative chat. I found some of your ideas refreshing and important to the future of Second Life. I believe your medieval moat analogy is fairly accurate. Yes, there are enumerous systems that must be kept safely up and running to make the Second Life experience a valuable one for all. I am surprised though, at some of the scuttle-butt that I have heard regarding Second Life and the Linden Labs and would like to pass on a few questions. Is it true that eighty percent of the citizens in world were opposed to the new viewer? I for on oppose it on the more cumbersome classified advertising section. Other viewers better serve the creators that have helped make Second Life what it is. I feel strongly that the creators need a stronger voice in Second Life as they are the ones who have pieced together all there is on any given sim. The new viewer's treatment of the classified ad section is a horrible bash on good creators. Please amend this by either returning to the previous format or making a viewer similar to the Emerald version. Also it was so obvious that whoever thought up the idea of having an advertisement at the log in screen for 4500usd had their mind on money and not function. The average sim lags when thirty avies are trying to move and purchase anything. If anyone had actually purchased that half a day ad as advertised, how on earth would the traffic move on that sim, let alone anyone purchase anything? And if the avies could move and purchase, the break even cost of the ad would require more than 100 avies per hour purchasing a product over 5 usd, to profit the sim owner would have to be able to manage 200 avies buying that product, not to mention the window shoppers which would count for more than the buyers. Who ever thought up that inane idea should have been let go, first of the 100 employees. What has happened in LL / SL is the same thing that has happened when large conglomerates tried to succeed in SL. Car companies with big ideas, other companies with motivation and money but nobody on the ground. Nobody in life with a clue as to how word of mouth advertising works far better in SL than anywhere else. I suggest a simple change. Toss out corporate managment ideas and ways of managing. Use only grassroots individuals who have lived in world. Revamp the viewer to the old type and last but not least, do some real world advertising. Thank you for your time, Sincerely Bliss Darkstone Bliss Darkstone 19:50, 21 June 2010 (UTC)