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Feb 12 - 2009 - Hiro Pendragon - Did some work. By no means is it complete, but it should be a good start, and organized into different skill sets that should be fairly straightforward and logical. :)

This needs chopping up, right? It seems to be listing all possible scripting topics under the header of basic scripting. Or is there a discussion on what the division should be going on somewhere? --Lucius Nesterov 12:58, 18 February 2009 (UTC)

For what its worth I like the idea of the different disciplines defined by Hiro Pendragon, perhaps with a foundation cert that they all build on - there is a lot of area to cover in LSL, and scripters tend to specialise. However, if it must be tiered then the easiest way is probably to have categories 1,2,3 as the intermediate and 4,5 as advanced. --Lucius Nesterov 02:02, 22 February 2009 (UTC)

Feb 26 2009 - Louise Rumpler - Initially we are looking at having basic scripting as mainly an introduction. Explaining states and suchlike and ensuring learner has the ability to find further information. Only very simple stuff to ensure we can move on intermediate without having to explain what a variable is for example. I agree Lucius that there is a lot to cover in LSL and a lot of it is self contradictory... Example... To truly understand rotations fully i personally see as an advanced topic, yet having said that doing something as simple as setting a sit offset requires some knowledge of them. It is for this reason (and theres many other examples of this type of issue) that i think it would be best to go about this in the following way: 1) Keep basic very basic.. Lets get the structure out of the way here. 2) Intermediate contains all areas we would use to assess a "reasonable" level of competency. It is at this point i would consider someone able to script. Self learning after this point should be much easier. 3) Advanced to contain specialist areas like advanced rotations, advanced physics and the like. These perhaps are best if are separate certs in their own right. They can assume learner has the skill picked up from the intermediate.

Things to note: We are not defining a new LSL wiki... we are simply specifying areas to test a learner to ensure they have have reached a certain level of competence. We cant possibly hope to test them on every single aspect of LSL, but what we CAN do is pick key areas that should give a good indication of overall competence.

Im hoping this system would allow for three things: 1) Avoid scaring off the noob who wants to learn by showing them an initial gentle learning curve. 2) Avoid the simple sit target yet complicated rotation issue and its many other examples. 3) Having bolt-on advanced certs would allow limitless headroom and the ability for people to specialise in areas that are useful to them.

Any thoughts?

Fully agree Louise - this is exactly what I think we should be aiming for. Hunter...

April 25th 2009 - Louise Rumpler - Adjusted/edited template.